April 6, 2011

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National League Preview

By: Joe Williams

The Major League Baseball season is only a couple days old so if your team is on top of the standings, don’t buy your playoff tickets yet. And if you are rooting for a team that remains winless, don’t push the panic button. It’s still anybody’s ballgame so let’s take a look at some of the issues facing each team.


Atlanta Braves

Can the Braves return to the postseason? If anyone is going to take the East title from the Phillies, it’s probably the Braves. They’ve added Dan Uggla and a healthy Chipper Jones to the lineup. The starting pitching is strong. The biggest question mark is the bullpen. The retirement of Billy Wagner has left an opening at closer. If Atlanta can find the right guy to take his place they can give the Phillies a run for the division title.

Florida Marlins

Florida has plenty of young talent on its roster. There is a lot of potential on this team, but the Marlins may not have enough to beat out Philadelphia and Atlanta. Guys like Gaby Sanchez, Donnie Murphy, and Annibal Sanchez are going to need big seasons for this team to be playing in October.

New York Mets

The bad news: this team is a mess off the field. The good news: there is no way the Mets can be as bad on the field. Everything will have to go right for New York to win the division. That starts with Johan Santana and Jose Reyes getting healthy and once again being the superstars they have been in the past.

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia became the favorite to win the N.L crown when Cliff Lee joined the rotation. Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels give the Phillies a four-headed monster that can shut down any lineup. The Phillies lineup is not what is used to be, but with those four starters, it won’t have to be.

Washington Nationals

The Nationals’ hopes in 2011 took a major hit with the loss of Stephen Strasburg. Adding Jason Werth will help the offense, but the Nationals look to be preparing for a run in 2012. If Strasburg comes back healthy in 2012 and top-pick Bryce Harper lives up to the hype, this team has a bright future.


Chicago Cubs

It could be an all or nothing season for the Cubs. If they can stay healthy and get productive seasons from Soriano, Ramirez and Zambrano they could win the Central. If the Cubs struggle under new manager Mike Quade, and the dugout brawls continue, it will be a complete disaster, and the drought will live on for another year.

Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati won the Central in 2010. They have a great chance to repeat that feat in 2011. The Reds had the best offense in the National League. They have the reigning NL MVP. The roster has the fewest holes to fill, and they should be motivated after a dismal performance in the playoffs.

Houston Astros

Houston had the worst offense in the NL last season. The defense wasn’t great either. They have a quality starting rotation, but the bullpen needs work. The Astros will have a tough time surpassing last season’s win total of 76.

Milwaukee Brewers

There is a wide range of expectations for Milwaukee in 2011. They have been picked to win the Central, but they have also been at the bottom in some preseason predictions. Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum will bolster the pitching staff. The lineup is built around Prince Fielder, who could have a huge year and lead them to the playoffs. But Fielder is going to be a free agent and could leave town, so the Brewers may decide to throw in the towel and trade the Prince so they don’t lose him for nothing.

Pittsburgh Pirates

.500. That is the goal for the Pirates. They haven’t done it since 1992. That is a long time to wait for Pirate fans. Unfortunately, there is not much reason to believe they will be better than they were in 2010. And they were the worst team in baseball.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cards were supposed to win the Central in 2010. They were expected to have a bounce-back season in 2011. Then they didn’t get Albert Pujols signed. And Adam Wainwright went down for the season with an injury. It will be tough for this team to reach the playoffs without their ace and the Pujols questions hovering over them all season.


Arizona Diamondbacks

They finished last in the West in 2010. The offense is weak and they strike out a lot. The starting pitching is OK, but the bullpen has holes. The Diamondbacks have a lot of work to do if they are going to compete for the playoffs in the next couple years. It won’t happen in 2011.

Colorado Rockies

The Rockies will be good in 2011, especially if they play better on the road. Colorado was dominant at home last year and bad on the road. Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki are stars. The other pieces are in place to make a run at the division crown. They will give the Giants all they can handle in the West.

Los Angeles Dodgers

80 wins was a disappointment for this team in 2010. Matt Kemp and Jonathan Broxton were great in 2009 when the Dodgers made the playoffs. Not so much in 2010. If those two return to 2009 form and the ownership issues don’t get in the way, Los Angeles will be playing meaningful games in September.

San Diego Padres

San Diego should have won the West last year. They would have without the 10-game losing streak at the end of the season. They can still pitch, but the loss of Adrian Gonzalez in the middle of that lineup will hurt. They will have to find a way to score to compete in 2011.

San Francisco Giants

The Giants shocked baseball by winning the World Series in 2010. Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain led the pitching staff and shut down team after team in the playoffs. The offense was not prolific, but they got the big hits when they needed to. No matter what the offense does in 2011, the starting rotation will keep the Giants in the playoff hunt all season.

July 13, 2010

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Fathead at the All-Star Game

By: T-Money

Hey Fathead Nation,

It’s T-Money… On the ground here in Anaheim for MLB FanFest.  Just killing some time throughout the morning/early afternoon today prior to the main event tonight, MLB All-Star 2010.  Just stopped by the Fathead booth and they’re running all kinds of deals on anything from their 2010 series of MLB Fathead Tradeables (including team sets of the Cardinals, Yankees, Phillies, and Red Sox) to assorted All-Stars from the AL and NL in Fathead Jr.  The coolest thing I’ve seen so far is their newest item, MLB Fathead Teammates.  Teammates are 12×12 primary team logos that peel and stick just like their larger Fatheads.  According to the guys in the booth, these aren’t even available in stores yet, just released this week for FanFest.  I scored some Tigers Teammates on special, 2 for $20 and bought a Tradeables bundle at 5 packs for $20!!! I know, these deals are pretty crazy right now so if you’re in Anaheim, stop by the Fathead booth in Hall D of the Anaheim Convention Center.  If they don’t have something in stock, they can always order for you and ship out within 7-10 business days.  If you can’t make it out to FanFest, reference MLB FanFest  upon ordering and get the booth special for 15% off all regularly-priced items.  Well, I gotta run (literally), just walked past the Taco Bell booth and I can steal a base to grab a FREE taco, can you say fourth meal?

July 6, 2010

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Charles’ LeBronathon: Day 462

By: Charles

Day 462: Lost… so hungry.

John Lennon has been criticized for years for allegedly saying the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. Well this weekend has proven that LeBron is officially more popular than America. Independence Day was officially canceled because both Obama and Congress were too concerned with the “ever changing landscape of American professional basketball as we know it” to drink, shoot fireworks, or eat tasty 4th of July snacks like ice cream sandwiches, watermelon, and red-white-and-blue cake. It “didn’t seem like an appropriate time to celebrate with the fate of the free world hanging in the balance” commented one White House correspondent. The few fireworks that actually did go off on the 4th were sent up by the Clippers, with the words “Pretty Pretty Please?????” written across the sky above the Staples Center. When Kobe saw this, he laughed and went back to counting his money.

Daily SAT Prep:



The People have spoken.

Questions, Comments, Concerns, and Clown Jokes:

LeBron is ahead by a nose in the BronBron v BP Showdown. With 843 Thousand mega-gallons of oil pumping into the gulf daily, and the coast looking greasier than Pat Riley’s hair (or was it Pitino’s?), LeBron’s supposed Wednesday or Thursday announcement (appreciate the precision LeBron!) is looking like a winner. Of course this some-time-this-week-I-think-maybe will be drawn out longer than Favre’s next soap opera, and probably last until just before the 2011 playoffs, but the fact that we’re pretending there is an end in sight seems promising.

In baseball news, I had the pleasure of going to the Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Oreos game yesterday, being played on the surface of the sun. With 64 combined runs scored in the first inning, and neither starting pitcher making it to the second, the game succeeded  in forcing the game to regress to the quality of 1924. The again there was beer so I guess it wasn’t as bad as prohibition.

The World Cup is winding down with Netherlands v Uruguay today, and Germany v Spain tomorrow. The winner of tomorrow’s match gets the honor of being the team to set the record for most thoroughly dominating a World Cup final. Regardless of who wins today, either the Germans will steamroll them in the final with at least 12 goals (7 by Klose) or the Spanish will maintain 94% of the possession, but keep the game interesting with lapses in defense, and David Villa will put it away with another absurd goal for a 1-0 victory. And no, Torres will not redeem himself.

That’s all from me. See you next time, when we can continue lamenting our Nation’s descent from world leader to leader in readership of LeBron’s tweets.

Peace. Love. High Quality Adhesive Wall Graphics.

Ps. Checkout Fathead’s Pros in their College Uniforms. You can pick up a variety of underwhelming and underachieving former USC stars of the future!

June 9, 2010

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Fathead Father’s Day Commercials

By: Lionel

Father’s Day is approaching.

Because we, at Fathead, believe that there is no better place to buy a gift for Dad than Fathead.com (and we are completely unbiased about this), we thought that we’d better tell the world.

Thus, we have two new commercials airing on national TV.  Check out the first one:


Now, check out the second one:

Now, buy a Fathead for your Dad and tell all of your friends and relatives to do the same.  We think it’s so important that we’re offering a discount (click here to see it).  I know — it’s very gracious of us.  But, hey, Dad deserves it.

February 18, 2010

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Crazy Pants

By: Becky

If the shoes make the man, do the pants make the athlete?  What is going on this year with Olympic team fashion?

Here at Fathead, we think the Norweigian Curling Team must have seen pro-golfer John Daly’s Fathead Wall Graphic and been inspired by his alternative attire.  They’re causing quite a stir at the Winter Olympics by wearing these “clown” pants, instead of the traditional black pants favored by curling athletes.  Apparently they shopped at the same store as Daly for their brightly colored diamond-patterned pants.

Perhaps the Czech Republic Team took a fashion tip from Daly’s other Fathead in selecting the loud pants they donned this year.

Then there were the Bermudans, who chose fashion before comfort in the opening ceremony, braving the chilly Vancouver air to sport their trademark Bermuda shorts

So I ask, is this just a bold style choice, or is there some athletic benefit to wearing these non-traditional uniforms?  Do they help to intimidate opponents with the confidence they convey?  Do they cause a game-changing distraction?  Do the loud patterns blind them? 

 I don’t have the answer, but I do have my own fashion tip for athletes.  Please don’t take any style cues from Lady Gaga for the summer Olympics!