April 19, 2012

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Fathead’s NFL Draft Google+ Hangout

By: Junior

The NFL Draft is more than just a regular sporting event. It is a date deserving of a Holiday. A day where every NFL team and fan gets the greatest gift of all: Hope.

Regardless of if you are a fan of the New York Giants coming off of a Super Bowl victory, or an Indianapolis Colts fan hoping to get your team back on track, the NFL Draft brings all fans together to watch as their team adds the best players college football has to offer to their roster.

Even last year's Super Bowl champions have room to improve their roster.

The anticipation mounts as your team’s selection gets closer and closer. The 15 minute countdown clock ticking away in the corner of the screen, you wonder what fate will be in store for your team. Will the team ahead of you take the player you want? Will there be a trade? Will your team draft a Tony Mandarich instead of Barry Sanders? Could your team pull a Minnesota Vikings and miss your pick?

The possibilities are endless, making it one of the most unpredictable days of the year. Add to it the fact that the NFL Draft is in many respects the dawning of a new season, with mini-camps following shortly after, and Day 1 is a celebration of all things NFL.

It is for this very reason that we are hosting an NFL Draft Google+ Hangout with you, the fans, to go through this emotional roller coaster together. Hangout with us On-Air starting at 8:00pm ET and let us know what you think will happen next.

Not enough for you? We will be giving away Fathead’s with every pick of the NFL Draft. So while your team is getting better, so is your Man Cave for next season. Still not enough? We will be unveiling our newest Fathead products as they get drafted!

Don’t have a webcam or Google+ but still want to watch the NFL Draft with us and win some prizes? Simply watch the Hangout online and follow along on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Use the Hashtag #FatheadDraftHangout to keep up on Twitter, or comment in the designated streams on Facebook and Google+ for your chances to win.

If you would like to  join us on On-Air during the Google+ Hangout and talk NFL Draft with yours truly, simply add us to your circle on Google+ and post on our page that you would like to be added to our NFL Draft Circle. Then tune in on Thursday, April 26th at 8:00pm ET and get ready for the excitement!

February 4, 2011

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Piecing Together Ochocinco’s Day, According to His Tweets

By: Lionel

A condensed version of Chad Ochocinco’s February 3, according to his tweets:

Chad, in a Dallas hotel for the Super Bowl, begins his day with a top-of-the-morning photo and some good-natured cussing for his fans.  He’s a laid-back guy, so he flashes the “hang loose” sign.

Via @ochocinco twitpic

He next asks Adrian Battles if he’s ready for the Super Bowl

…and then stops for a photo-op with Dan Patrick and Darrelle Revis.

Via @ochocinco twitpic

Next up: Pants shopping at North Park Mall.

To save time between try-ons, he shops the mall in his underpants.

Via @ochocinco twitpic

Then it’s back to the hotel for some meditation, followed by game planning for the night’s Madden Bowl.

While at the hotel, Chad watches Paranormal Activity 2.

After the movie is over, it’s time for Madden Bowl, which proves to be a tale of extremes.

EXTREME HAPPINESS:  Chad teams up with Patrick Willis to win Madden Bowl!

EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT:  Reggie Bush lets Chad know that he may have won Madden Bowl, but he still hasn’t won a Super Bowl.

Composing himself for the moment, Chad collects a ridiculously large Madden Bowl trophy.  For today, at least, it’s a happy ending.

Via @ochocinco twitpic

Follow Chad for yourself on Twitter (@ochocinco).

December 3, 2009

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E-Science of the Online Store

By: Michael

Is it a cart, a bag or a basket? Do you continue shopping, see more like this, or check out what others bought? Do you read a review, compare prices, or hunt for online coupons? How do YOU shop the internet?  How does the INTERNET shop you?

More people will shop online this holiday season than ever before. That statement has been true every year for as long as there’s been online shopping. And just like you look for an online store that’s going to give you the best deal and best service, the online store is looking for a consumer like you who will buy its product, subscribe to its email list, tweet about a great deal you just got, and post comments and pictures on a blog about the transformative properties of the perfect holiday gift.

It may sound simple, but it’s a netherworld of competing signs and indecipherable behaviors. Change the color of a button and the next thing you know everyone’s clicking on it – or not. Pick two radically different offers and test them side by side – mixed results. If there is a science of the online store, it is a soft science, an e-science if you will, as is so often the case when people are involved. 

Brick and mortar stores have a front door – generally speaking it’s the only way a customer can get in. At that point, the store’s pretty much in control. Online stores have a front door too (we call it the home page) but not everyone uses it – there are all kinds of side doors and back doors that other customers (and the online store itself) have created: that means finding a way to get you around the store (call it navigation) no matter what door you came in. It’s part of what makes the world of ecommerce “dynamic” and something that personally keeps me up at night.

You may not care how you got to the online store – you typed something in, you clicked on a link, something like that. But to the online store it can make a big difference.  Did you use a search engine like Google? Did you click on a link at the top, in the middle or on the side of the page? Did you hear about the store on a friend’s Facebook page? Did you see an ad on TV and just type in the name of the site? Imagine if a brick and mortar store had to think about what kind of vehicle got you to the store and what road you took and turns you made to get there.

So, if you ever get to an online store and you wonder “Why did they do that?”, here’s the answer: six people in a small room with a lot of information and a lot of ideas decided that you would be more likely to purchase if the wording in the link said “now” instead of “today”. It’s not as crazy as it sounds, but remember, it’s an e-science. Tomorrow, the link will say “today”.