February 10, 2011

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“Who Would Win?” with Daryl “Moose” Johnston

By: Lionel

Editor’s note:  In celebration of his birthday (Feb. 10), we’re giving away four autographed Moose Johnston Fathead Teammates.  Every person who leaves a comment below (be sure to leave your email address) before 11:59pm ET, Feb. 10, 2011 will be entered into a drawing for one of the four prizes.  We’ll announce the winners tomorrow (Feb. 11).  Good luck!

Daryl “Moose” Johnston is no stranger to the Super Bowl, having played on three Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys teams in the nineties.  We caught up with Moose in Dallas prior to Sunday’s big game and asked him to play a game of “Who Would Win?”

It’s a simple premise:  we just asked Moose to tell us which of his former Dallas Cowboys teammates would win various hypothetical events.  Excerpts from the interview are below, with his answers transcribed in bold.

“Moose Johnston, of your old Cowboys teammates, who would win…

1.  …a trash talking contest?”     “I’ll go with Kevin Smith.  Or, no…maybe Alvin Harper.  It wouldn’t be Deion [Sanders], believe it or not.  I’ll go with Alvin.”

2.  …an arm-wrestling tournament?”  “Larry Allen.”

3.  …a stand-up comedy competition?”  “There’s a couple.  That could be Kevin Gogan, or Frank Cornish.”

4.  …a singing contest?”  “Music was always playing, but no one was ever really singing.  Um…Brock Marion.”

5.  …a humanitarian award?”  “Troy [Aikman].”

6a.  …a dance-off?”  “Emmitt [Smith], obviously.”

6b. FOLLOW UP:  “Who would be the least likely to win a dance-off?”  “Me.”

7.  …a hot dog eating contest?”  “Back in the day, I would have picked Nate [Newton], but right now, no way.  He weighs less than I do.  He’s lost almost 200 lbs.  He sat two seats away from me at Emmitt’s Hall of Fame induction.  We had no idea who it was until Emmitt said his name and he stood up.”


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