June 5, 2012

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10 MLB Teams That Will Miss The Playoffs

By: Joe Williams

It is hard to believe, but the MLB season is already one-third of the way over. Nobody has locked up a playoff spot yet, but several teams have dug themselves such a big hole that they probably can’t climb out of it. Therefore, its time to eliminate a third of the teams. Who are the 10 teams that aren’t going anywhere in 2012?

Will the Chicago Cubs miss the playoffs again this season?

Chicago Cubs

No surprise here. This is the only team in baseball in sixth place in its division. They just finished off a 12-game losing streak and are currently on a four-game skid. The fans have had to wait more than 100 years for a championship and you can be sure the wait will not end in 2012.

Minnesota Twins

The Twins won 94 games and the A.L. Central in 2010. The have won 84 games and held down last place in the division ever since. Much of the blame can be given to injuries to some of their best players but that doesn’t make the Twins feel any better.

Houston Astros

Houston was far and away the worst team in baseball in 2011. That isn’t the case this year. They have been awful (6-19) on the road but a good team at home (17-12). Houston looks to be on its way back to contending, but it won’t be this year.

San Diego Padres

This is currently the worst team in baseball. They too, have not been the same since the 2010 season when they blew the lead in the N.L. West and missed the playoffs by a game. There isn’t much to cheer about here.

Kansas City Royals

Is it time to bring back Bo Jackson? The Royals have just one winning season since 1994. They are said to have a lot of young talent that will turn it around but it is looking as though that wont happen until 2013 or 2014.

Oakland A’s

Their recent nine-game losing streak really hurt. They are now down to fourth in the A.L. West and eight games back of Texas. They are just six games out of a wild card spot, but there are just too many teams to leapfrog.

Colorado Rockies

Colorado is 9.5 games out in the N.L. West and 6.5 in the wild card chase. These guys have built a reputation of getting hot and making a late-season run, but can they do it again? They have the offense to get it done but the pitching staff is the worst in baseball.

Seattle Mariners

Somehow the Mariners are 10th scoring runs. But they are 27th in batting average, 28th in on base percentage and 26th in slugging. Sooner or later that is going to catch up to them and their scoring will go down, along with their post-season hopes.

Boston Red Sox

The Sox are currently in last in the A.L. East. They are under .500 at home. Their pitching staff is near the bottom of the league. They have had too many injuries. Too many off the field issues. The division is too tough.

Philadelphia Phillies

It’s the same story in Philly as it is in Boston. They are last in the N.L. East. They also have had too many injuries (Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard, Jim Thome, and Chase Utley are just a few of the players they have on the DL right now) and too many good teams in their division.

May 22, 2012

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MLB Power Rankings

By: Joe Williams

No. 1               Los Angeles Dodgers             (29-13)

They haven’t missed a beat (6-2) since Matt Kemp went on the disabled list.

No. 2               Baltimore Orioles                    (27-16)

The American League East standings continue to look like they are upside down. Orioles look like they are in for the long haul.

No. 3               Atlanta Braves                                    (26-17)

The Braves don’t seem to be suffering any hangover from last year’s end of season collapse.

Jason Heyward and the Braves have put 2011 behind them and are having a great start to 2012.

No. 4               Texas Rangers                         (26-17)

The pitching staff takes a big hit with the injury to Neftali Feliz.

No. 5               Washington Nationals             (25-17)

It’s been a long time coming for the Nats. If the National League strikeout leader (Strasburg) is going to start hitting home runs, lookout N.L. East.

No. 6               Cleveland Indians                   (23-18)

With series against the Tigers and White Sox up next, the Indians could build a lead in the American League Central.

No. 7               Tampa Bay Rays                     (25-18)

A good week for the Rays would create some separation between them and the Blue Jays and Red Sox. A bad week could send them from second to last in the A.L. East.

No. 8               St. Louis Cardinals                 (23-19)

Just when I thought it was safe to put Allen Craig into my fantasy lineup he goes back to the DL.

No. 9               San Fransisco Giants               (22-20)

The Giants are one of baseball’s hottest teams with seven wins in the last 10 games.

No. 10             Toronto Blue Jays                   (24-19)

Toronto hung in there while Jose Bautista struggled early. Now he’s heating up with six homers in the last 10 games.

No. 11             Miami Marlins             (23-19)

Carlos Zambrano leads the team with a 1.96 ERA. Can he get through the season without a blowup?

No. 12             Cincinnati Reds                      (22-19)

Three straight wins and the Reds are just a half game back of the Cardinals in the N.L. Central.

No. 13             New York Mets                      (22-20)

Mets are 14-7 against their division. Just 8-13 against everyone else.

No. 14             Boston Red Sox                      (21-21)           

After an 8-2 stretch, the Sox are finally back to .500.

No. 15             Chicago White Sox                 (21-21)

Now would be a good time for the White Sox to make a move with 15 of the next 18 games at home.

No. 16             Philadelphia Phillies                (21-22)

The Phillies looked good during their six-game win streak but followed it up with three consecutive losses.

No. 17             Okland A’s                             (22-21)

Ryan Cook has pitched 21.2 innings without allowing a run and that’s right, he’s on my fantasy team.

No. 18             New York Yankees                (21-21)

Three wins in the last 10 games and the Yankees are in a tie for last in the A.L. East.

No. 19                         Detroit Tigers                          (20-21)

Tigers would be in trouble without Justin Verlander dominating on the mound.

No. 20             Pittsburgh Pirates                    (20-22)

Aside from Andrew McCutchen, the offense is pathetic.

No. 21             Los Angeles Angels                (18-25)

The Angels are one of the most disappointing teams in baseball and Albert Pujols has been the most disappointing player thus far.

No. 22             Seattle Mariners                      (20-24)

Seattle has won four straight, but the Mariners aren’t going anywhere if they continue to rank 29th in on base percentage.

No. 23             Arizona Diamondbacks          (19-24)

Chris Young is back. He should be a boost for the offense.

No. 24             Houston Astros                       (19-23)

Bud Norris is 5-1. He needs more help.

No. 25             Milwaukee Brewers                (17-25)

Weren’t they supposed to challenge the Cardinals in the N.L. Central?

No. 26             Kansas City Royals                 (17-24)

The good news…they are one of the best road teams in baseball. The bad news….5-17 at home.

No. 27             Colorado Rockies                   (14-27)

The offense hasn’t been bad but it’s not enough to make up for having one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball.

No. 28             Chicago Cubs                          (15-27)

The Cubs have lost seven in a row. Is it already time to wait till next year?

No. 29             San Diego Padres                    (16-27)

The Padres only have three more wins than players on the disabled list.

No. 30             Minnesota Twins                     (14-27)

The team ERA is 5.43. No wonder they are the worst team in the majors.

October 13, 2011

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“Who Would Win?” with Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox

By: Lionel

The Boston Red Sox have taken a beating from the media over the last few weeks, with the team melting down in the last month of the regular season, the departure of Terry Francona and Theo Epstein, and the recent accusations of players partying in the clubhouse during games.  We could get caught up in the drama, but we prefer to talk about happy things.  Besides that, we have a fun interview with Kevin Youkilis that we’re excited to publish while people are still talking about the Boston Red Sox.

We asked Kevin Youkilis to play “Who Would Win?” with us.  The premise is simple.  We just asked Kevin to tell us which of his Boston Red Sox teammates would win various hypothetical events.  His answers are below in bold:

“Kevin Youkilis, of your Boston Red Sox teammates, who would win…

1. …a game of Trivial Pursuit?”  Ryan Lavarnway, only because he went to Yale.

2. …a car race?”  Marco Scutaro loves fast cars.

3. …a political election?”  Jed Lowrie, because he went to Stanford and wears 3-piece suits.

4. …a singing contest?”  Daisuke has a good voice.

5. …a dance-off?”  No idea.  Luckily never seen some guys dance.

6. …a humanitarian award?”  Too hard to answer because we have a lot of guys that do a lot of charity work.

7. …a trash-talking contest?”  Pedroia for sure.  A daily routine for him [is] to talk trash, but it’s all joking around and never too serious.

8. …an arm-wrestling tournament?”  Varitek.  He is one strong dude.

9. …a stand-up comedy contest?”  Marco Scutaro for sure.  He is always making guys laugh and keeping the locker room loose and fun.

10. …a hot dog eating contest?”  Jacoby Ellsbury and Jonathan Papelbon.  They can eat a lot.

April 10, 2009

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An Ode to Baseball

By: Eric

A game so simple and sweet

One that gets people on their feet.

Baseballs hit that touch the stands

Bring cheers from adoring fans.


Yankees, Phillies, Cubs, and Rays

Cardinals, Tigers, Sox, and Jays.

Many will play, a few will win

The pennant race that will soon begin.


Games will end, but memories will live

Forever in the hearts of those who give

A FATHEAD, the gift that brings passion to others,

Anybody know if Hanley and Manny are brothers?


-E. Allen Po-Excuseforapoet