May 25, 2012

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UFC 146 Predictions

By: Junior

My confidence grows and grows making UFC predictions after another winning card (3-2) brings my overall record to 11-14. I have to keep the momentum going with UFC 146 this Saturday. A 4-1 card could finally get me to .500, but I’m shooting for my first perfect card. With that in mind, here are my UFC 146 card predictions:

Cain Velasquez and Antonio Silva should provide a great fight at UFC 146.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir

This is the first fight in a while where I have actually heard of both fighters. Santos has an impressive 14-1 record, but Mir’s 16-5 is respectable as well. These two fighters have very different styles, with Mir looking for submissions, while Santos relies heavily on striking. I normally side with the strikers, but Mir has worked on his striking and could pose a problem with Santos, who I don’t think will be able to prevent the takedowns. I like Mir to take the main event.

Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva

This breakdown was over before it even started. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is far too good of a nickname not to get my selection in this fight. Silva is also the more experienced fighter, bringing a 16-3 record to the octagon. Velasquez has been very successful so far, however, and at 9-1, Bigfoot is no lock. Both of these fighters are well rounded and do a lot of things well. As I said in the beginning of the analysis, I am taking Bigfoot in this one.

Roy Nelson vs. Dave Herman

The nicknames keep on coming. “Big Country” couldn’t be a more fitting nickname for Roy Nelson, who looks like he came in from the farm. Nelson is a misfit compared to most UFC fighters, who are incredibly fit guys, like his opponent Herman. Nelson sports his gut with pride and with a 17-7 record, he clearly is doing well for himself. Herman is 21-3 and a great striker, but he never stood a chance against Big Country in my book.

Stipe Miocic vs. Shane Del Rosario

The battle of the unbeatens! Miocic (8-0) and Del Reosario (11-0) will put their perfect records on the line Saturday in what should be an amazing fight. The only downside? No nicknames. If you can get past that aspect, they are two very different fighters. Del Rosario is a well rounded submission fighter, where Miocic is a striker. I am going with the experience and taking Del Rosario for the win.

Stefan Struve vs. Lavar Johnson

Another great undercard fight, these guys also bring the nicknames. Stefan “Skyscarper” Struve is 6’11”, which to me seems like a huge disadvantage if you are taking on a takedowns fighter. Luckily for him, he isn’t. Lavar “Big” Johnson is a pure striker with very quick feet and knees. Interestingly enough, it is Struve who is the submissions fighter, and I just can’t wrap my head around how he fights. Big got me a win last card, so I will go with him again this time.

April 13, 2012

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UFC on Fuel Predictions

By: Junior

Regardless of my 2-8 record picking UFC fights, I refuse to give up on my goal of havinga successful UFC predictions blog post. So after a month off, I am back to tackle yet another UFC card.  You may be thinking I waited for a card where I was more familiar with the fighters to give myself an edge. Quite the contrary, this isn’t even a PPV event, so the likely hood of my knowing these fighters is actually slimmer. I relish the challenge. Here is my 3rd installment of uneducated UFC predictions.  

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Thiago Silva

As always, we start with the main event. Thiago Silva (14-2) and Alexander Gustafsson (13-1) both come into this fight with solid records. Gustafsson has a major size advantage, standing at 6’5” to Silva’s 6’1”, each weighing 205. I usually prefer to go with submission fighters like Gustafsson, but my gut is telling me to take Silva. He has a solid striking and submission combination and I think that will be the trick to take down Gustafsson.

Brian Stann vs. Alessio Sakara

I have never watched either of these fighters, but I am pretty sure this is going to be my type of fight. First, and quite possibly foremost, they have solid nicknames. Brian “All American” Stann is a bit used, but when you think of how it would be announced, it would sound pretty cool. Then you have Alessio “Legionarius” Sakara, which is simply great. The real reason I think it will be a great fight is these two are simply strikers. At 185 pounds each, fatigue shouldn’t be a factor, leaving us with a wild slugfest. I like Stann in this fight, because I think he packs a little more in his punches.

Paulo Thiago vs. Siyar Bahadurzada

This seems like the hardest fight to predict on this card. (Who am I kidding, I’m 2-8, there is no easy pick for me.) Looking at the statistics and information at hand, I don’t see anything that really sets either apart. Siyar “The Great” Bahadurzada has more fights under his belt, but he doesn’t excel in any one area. Paulo Thiago is a pretty good submission fighter, who can take punches, which he will need to be able to do against The Great. I am going with the more experienced fighter here and taking Bahadurzada to test Thiago’s chin early and often.

Dennis Siver vs. Diego Nunes

If this were a movie, Dennis Siver looks like he was cast to play the villain, and Diego Nunes looks like the young hero. Nunes is the greener opponent, having fought in 8 less fights than Siver, but he has only 2 less wins. Both fighters are around 145 pounds, but Siver just looks bigger. Siver will look to use that size and his striking ability to wear down Nunes, especially if he can take him to the ground. Nunes needs to keep this fight off the mat if he wants to win and make Siver move. I think Nunes finds a way to get the win.

Demarques Johnson vs. John Maguire

Demarques “Darkness” Johnson just looks like a fighter. John Maguire, not so much. Regardless of looks, Maguire is 17-3 and is dangerous when he takes you to the ground. Johnson wants to keep this fight upright, where he can use his length to his advantage. If it goes to the ground, however, it won’t be a lost cause for Johnson, who can hold his own in the submission category. I think Johnson takes this fight because I think he is more of a complete fighter and can win this fight no matter how it is fought.

February 23, 2012

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UFC 144 Breakdown

By: Junior

Almost two months ago, I broke down UFC 141 on this blog. I said that I knew very little about UFC, and I backed it up with my picks, going 1-4. I refuse to let that record stand, so I am back again, no smarter than the last time I made these picks, but with the same confidence I can predict who will win these fights. Besides, could I really do worse than last time?

Main Event – Frankie Edgar vs. Ben Henderson – UFC Lightweight Championship

I feel a lot of pressure with this pick, as last time the Main Event was the only pick I got right. UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar defends his title against Ben Henderson, a former Lightweight champion in WEC. To someone who has admittedly never heard of either fighter, this sounds like a great fight. Both guys are takedown fighters, but Edgar looks like a great striker as well. Both have great records, and Henderson has the height advantage, but I really like Edgar in this fight. I think Henderson gives him a run, but in the end, Edgar retains the Lightweight championship.

“Rampage” Jackson vs. Ryan Bader

I always find it strange when the Main Event has two people I have never heard of, yet I have heard of both guys in an undercard fight. That may have to be chalked up to my lack of knowledge again. This is a huge match for both fighters. Bader will try to make his name against Jackson, who is trying to prove he is still a great fighter in the UFC.  Bader will try to take this fight to the ground, where Jackson is weakest. Jackson will be trying to knock Bader out as early on as possible, but Bader isn’t afraid to throw punches either. Jackson will have the crowd on his side, as he started his career fighting in Japan. I don’t know why, but my gut is telling me Bader takes this fight.

"Rampage" Jackson will look to prove he still has what it takes against up-and-comer Ryan Bader.

Mark Hunt vs. Cheick Kongo

This fight seems like such a mismatch, I feel like I am missing some information. Cheick Kongo is 6-4, 240 lbs., and just plain ripped. Mark Hunt, (5-10, 265), doesn’t have the body that one would associate with a professional fighter. If the stats seem skewed, the records are worse. Kongo is 17-6-2, while Hunt is 7-7. They are similar fighters, both strikers who also have complimentary ground games, so I don’t see where Hunt has an advantage. I think Kongo ends this fight quickly.

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Jake Fields

While neither fighter is a terrible striker, I feel like a lot of this match will take place on the ground. Shields is a submissions fighter, while both fighters are successful with takedowns. I think Akiyama packs a lot of punch in what will be a smaller frame than his opponent. Shields is the more experienced fighter, but Akiyama isn’t a rookie by any means. This is another fight where I have never seen either guy, but purely on statistics and style, I like Akiyama to find a way to pull out a victory against Shields.

Yushin Okami vs. Tim Boetsch

My final pick for this event, and I couldn’t be more clueless. Okami is more experienced and has the height advantage, while both are pretty much equal in striking. To be honest, before looking into this fight, I would have thought this would be a slugfest. However, Boetsch is solid on takedowns, and both can use submissions. Boetsch is a wrestler, while Okami is more a ground and pound type of fighter and I am going with Okami in this fight.

Have your own opinion on these fights? Leave me a comment on the blog or tweet us @Fathead and let me know why you disagree.

February 3, 2012

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Sports Viewing Schedule – Super Bowl Edition

By: Junior

While many people think they have their sports viewing schedule covered with the Super Bowl, that isn’t going to cut it for the real sports fan. This weekend is packed with must-see games, and like every other week, we want to make sure you catch all of the big games. Here is how we envision your weekend sports viewing schedule. (All times EST).

We get you ready for all of the games to watch before Super Bowl XLVI.

Friday night

Winnipeg @ Florida – NHL – 7:30pm

This is a game that has plenty at stake as we come back from the All-Star break. The Florida Panthers are the 3rd seed in the East right now, while Winnipeg is on the outside looking in as the 10th seed. So why is it intriguing? Winnipeg only trails Florida by 3 points. The Southeast division is a tight race that will be fun to watch as the season goes on.  Florida has been taking advantage of power play opportunities, while the Jets have been doing well to kill them. These teams are very even statistically, and should start off the weekend right.


Ohio State @ Wisconsin – MCBB – 2:00pm

Saturday kicks off with the Battle for the Big Ten. Ohio State has a half game lead on Wisconsin, but the Big Ten has had a rough time finding wins on the road. Wisconsin has had a rough time against ranked opponents this season though, going 2-4. However, the Badgers have won 6 in a row including their 2 wins against ranked opponents. Ohio State’s three losses have all come on the road, but they crushed Nebraska in their last road game. This game should provide a lot of back and forth with two teams trying to claim their spot atop the Big Ten.

#12 Creighton @ Northern Iowa – MCBB -5:00pm

I know what you are thinking. “Mid-majors? In the middle of my Saturday?” The fact is #12 Creighton deserves the credit they have been getting this season. The Blue Jays are first in the nation in Field Goal percentage and only have two losses on the season. Still, Northern Iowa gave them all they could handle, 63-60 AT Creighton, in January. Now, the Blue Jays have to go on the road and try to pull off another win against a Panthers squad that would like nothing more than to get a W against the a ranked team.

Orlando @ Indiana – NBA – 7:00pm

We might come into this game a little bit after tip-off, but plenty of time to catch most of the action. This will be the 3rd time in a little of over 2 weeks the teams have played. Orlando won the first contest at Indiana by 19, only to have the Pacers come to Orlando to win by 21. The rubber match will be played in Indiana, and should be a very entertaining game. Indiana 11-4 in their last 15, while the Magic are 8-7 and battling the drama of when Dwight Howard will be traded.  After both teams suffered a blowout at the hands of the other, this 3rd battle should be full of intensity.

UFC 143 – MMA – 10:00pm

An event that was supposed to be headlined by Georges St. Pierre, we now get to crown an interim welterweight Champion. Nick Diaz, the fighter originally set to face St. Pierre, will now face Carlos Condit in what should be a great fight. Also on the card is a guy you have to love watch fight, Roy Nelson. Taking on Fabricio Werdum, Nelson looks like he just came from out of the crowd. A large beard and larger belly, Nelson looks out of place in the UFC ring. However at 16-6, not many people are laughing at him. I am only a casual UFC fan, so I can’t make any guarantees on excitement, but I am rarely disappointed when I tune in to watch.


#22 Michigan @ #10 Michigan State – MCBB- 2:00pm

What?! Basketball on Super Sunday?! Relax; there will be plenty of time for that. Rather than watch hours of pregame, tune in to a rematch of two rivals whose previous contest in January was won by Michigan 60-59. A rivalry where both schools really just don’t like each other, you know this game will have plenty of action. The Spartans won 15 games in a row before dropping 3 of their last five, and would like to back on track with a win over the Wolverines. Michigan has had a tough time winning on the road this year, and a road victory at the Breslin Center would look great on their tournament resume. Factor into this that Michigan (.5 back) and Michigan St. (1 back) are both close to claiming the Big Ten, and another close game could be just the way to kick off Super Sunday.

Giants vs. Patriots – NFL – 6:29pm

We have finally made it to the main event! Of course the game of the weekend will be the Patriots and Giants, which should be a great matchup. The drama leading up to the game has all been focused on the ankle of Rob Gronkowski, which we all know will play, but how effectively? A rematch from Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots once again need to defeat Eli Manning and the Giants to get their 4th Super Bowl win. The Giants pass rush has been terrorizing quarterbacks this postseason and Manning and his receivers have been clicking. No one has performed like Tom Brady when it comes to Super Bowls, but can Eli and the Giants be his kryptonite again? Enjoy what should be a great Super Bowl and very entertaining sports weekend!

December 30, 2011

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UFC 141 Breakdown

By: Junior

If you are a UFC fan, then you already know more than anything you will find in this article. Now, I enjoy watching MMA, but I might catch it once every two months. Since I am such a big fan in most things we cover on this blog, I thought it would be fun to breakdown UFC 141 from a completely uneducated perspective. So without further delay, here are my complete guesses (aka picks) for tonight’s fights.

Main Event – Lesnar vs. Overeem

This actually sounds like a Main Event I would love to watch. Lesnar (6’3, 265) and Overeem (6’5, 265) are huge punchers who don’t let fights go very long. A fight that seems a lock for not going to decision, there should be plenty of heavy blows landing in this one. While Lesnar has gotten a lot of the spotlight, Overeem is far more experienced in the octagon. However, this will be Overeem’s first fight in the UFC. It sounds like Lesnar will look to go to the ground and keep Overeem from standing and using his legs. My guess here is Overeem doesn’t buckle under the bright lights of the UFC and uses his experience to get a big win over Lesnar.

Co-Main Event – Diaz vs. Cerrone

A lightweight bought between two fighters with similar builds and records, this will be hard to breakdown. Diaz will look to get takedowns and win via submission, but won’t be too outmatched on his feet. Cerrone will need to work on his takedown defense if he hopes to stay in this fight. Diaz has a surprisingly weak takedown defense as well, and if Cerrone can catch him by surprise and land punches that way, it could lead to a victory. Cerrone ended both of his last fights early and will look to do the same tonight. I like Cerrone to beat Diaz.

Fitch vs. Hendricks

For some reason, this fight really intrigues me. Jon Fitch’s last two losses were to BJ Penn in his last fight and Georges St. Pierre back in 2008, both very respectable losses. Hendricks meanwhile is 11-1 and looking to use Fitch as his marquee win. A former wrestler at Oklahoma State, he of course has the upper hand in takedowns and overall wrestling. Look for Fitch, who isn’t bad at takedowns himself, to try and turn this into a boxing match. If Hendricks does get a takedown, look for Fitch to try and use Hendricks’ inexperience against him and try to catch him with a submission. I like Fitch in this fight, but something has me pulling for Hendricks. Maybe it’s just the underdog role.

Matyushenko vs. Gustafsson

The 3 cards above all seemed to be against similar opponents. This card is the battle of pure opposites. Matyushenko (6’0, 205, 40 years old) and Gustafsson (6’5, 205, 24 years old) are so different it makes you laugh when you look at the card. Matyushenko is a takedown fighter who I would assume will look to use a “ground and pound” technique on the younger Gustafsson. Gustafsson, meanwhile, is a submission fighter who will look to use his length to keep this fight in a standup position as much as possible. Gustafsson is 12-1, and I think he gains the edge the longer this fight goes. However, I think Matyushenko ends this fight early.

Phan vs. Hettes

Another battle of submission fighter (Hettes) vs. striker (Phan), this fight could get interesting. I think Phan will look to end this fight early as newcomer Hettes will only gain confidence the longer the fight goes. Look for Phan to try and stay on his feet for a while with Hettes not being a very good striker. Phan should win this fight and hand Hettes his first defeat.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the ramblings of someone who has no idea what they are talking about. Trust me; I will be watching to see if I was anywhere close in my guesses.