July 15, 2011

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Top Trends In Sports This Week

By: Lionel

Derek Jeter is at the top of his game. Not only did he reach his 3000th hit and is dating Minka Kelly, he also holds the first and third place in Fathead’s weekly top seller list. Our Fathead team was able to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment of Derek Jeter getting his 3000th hit and immediately made a mural of it. No wonder it is number one on the list. In second place is Lionel Messi. Messi has undergone some criticism this past week because of his performance on the national team but it’s good to know there are still fans out there who support him.

Derek Jeter's 3000th Hit Mural


  1. Derek Jeter 3000th Hit Mural
  2. Lionel Messi
  3. Derek Jeter
  4. Boston Bruins – Tim Thomas Stanley Cup
  5. Kobe Bryant
  6. Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Stadium Mural
  7. Detroit Tigers Logo
  8. Boston Celtics Logo
  9. Chicago Blackhawks Logo
  10. Dwyane Wade

May 15, 2009

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Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

By: Michael

We’re a pretty deeply engaged bunch of folks here at Fathead by which I mean we don’t just live with our products at work, we go home to them. Which we think is perfectly normal. In fact, we wonder what it would be like not to. Which brings up a point – you. Do you go home to your Fathead? If not, why not?


Well, it occurs to us that maybe you just haven’t found the right Fathead for your home. That’s why we’ve been busting our butts here the last few months creating more and more product for you. Seriously, have you checked out the huge new lineup of MLB players, team logos and classic logos? What about all the new NHL stuff – no excuses now, every team’s being represented. And MLS too – every team. And the NBA? Well, if you were waiting for that 80’s look Cavs logo, Brandon Roy, or Ray Allen to complete your Boston Three Party, look no more. Only you should, because in addition to all that, there are about 100 other new images.


Which brings me back to the Fathead home. Not everyone’s a sports nut. We’ve known that for a long time. That’s why we offer Disney, Marvel, DC, and other great entertainment products. But lately, we’re thinking maybe you just want something you can use to decorate – like animals and general sports graphics. We’ve got Dolphins and Frogs, Turtles and Snow Leopards. Just want some sports themed graphics like a collection of player silhouettes or sports balls? We’ve got it. Maybe we haven’t always made the point strongly enough but Fathead is an awesome home decorating solution.


Look at your options. You can paint; that means a lot of time, a lot of money and it smells. You can wallpaper; messy, time-consuming, pretty difficult even if you’ve done it before, and generally expensive. There are posters; you have to use tape (tacky) or tacks (ugly, and they damage the wall), plus posters are always getting beat up and looking pretty shoddy in no time. Of course you can do nothing, which is pretty boring and basically says you have no imagination whatsoever.


And then there’s Fathead. Hundreds and hundreds of images to choose from. Very affordable, especially when you compare it to wallpaper or paint. Takes about five minutes to put up – get a friend though because a Fathead is HUGE! You’ll probably spend more time figuring out where to put all the free extra images that come with the main image than you will putting up the big one. And here’s the kicker – you can move a Fathead and reuse it. You’re not stuck with one look.  And when you move it you don’t have to worry about the holes that the tacks or nails left behind, or the paint that the tape took off. If you live in an apartment this is a major advantage – no worries about getting charged for repairs plus you can take the Fathead with you when you move.


So, I’m just saying, we’re working really hard to get you the Fathead that works in your home because we think (and we’re right) that Fathead is an amazing decorating solution. If you still haven’t found the Fathead that works for you, just tell us – a lot of what you see at www.fathead.com was created because someone like you told us you wanted it.


Assorted Sports Ball Graphics - General Sports Graphics - General Graphics 


April 28, 2009

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Give soccer a chance.

By: Michael

With all the new products we’ve been putting up at Fathead, everything from NBA and MLB Classic Logos, to new NHL, MLB and NBA Players, to Xeko Animals, you may not have noticed that we now have a full complement of MLS Logos.  If you follow soccer then you know that MLS stands for Major League Soccer. If you don’t follow it, you should. Why? Not because it’s the most popular sport in the world. That would be easy. MLS is great because of what it represents for sports in America – an opportunity. Isn’t that what every American kid hopes for – a chance?


America keeps giving soccer a chance and I’m confident we’re going to get it right. It’s not something we can just tune in for every few years during the World Cup or sneak a peek at on Entertainment Tonight because they’re talking about David Beckham. We have thousands of kids playing soccer in this country and we have fifteen teams now in the MLS; the latest, the Seattle Sounders, has fans in that city turning up in droves. There are great players, great teams and great fans of soccer in America right now.


So I challenge you. Give soccer a chance. Give MLS a chance. And, if you have a story about your love for soccer or your experience with MLS, share it with us.


                    David Beckham - Los Angeles Galaxy - Soccer

September 3, 2008

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The Latest From a Frustrated Los Angeles Sports Fan

By: realbigfathead

By Apryl DeLancey

Well, the Dodgers are doing their usual up and down dance as October draws near. It just seems that the same story happens every year – they start out strong, get us all excited, and then leave us feeling robbed. Heck, they dropped something like eight out of nine games recently. I shouldn’t be surprised. This really does happen every year. They sign elderly players as the season progresses to act like they actually want to win a title. Ownership seems to be perfectly happy with as little as a Wild Card berth. Argh! I don’t think it will change any time soon. This city is too big and has too may fans. For every frustrated fan like myself, there are at least 100 more that are happy to buy a ticket. The Dodgers continue to shatter records for attendance every year. I’ve got to move on to another subject before I have an aneurism…

The Galaxy…well, they aren’t so hot either right now. They did a “Dodgers” this year as well. Starting off strong and now they are like 10 points out of first place. They also spent a truckload of money on an aging star…the owners of the Galaxy must be friends with the owner of the Dodgers…

Chivas USA is the sleeper favorite in the MLS around here. No prima donna players (comparatively speaking) and a loyal fan base. You can still get tickets to the games for a reasonable price. Of course, since they don’t have David Beckham they don’t get as much attention. They even play in the same stadium as the Galaxy!

Speaking of getting tickets…getting Lakers tickets is never an easy task. This Los Angeles team has actually had many championships in recent memory. Except for this last year. Is it just me, or did Kobe Bryant seem to try harder in the Olympics? Pau Gasol looked more attentive playing for his native country as well. I’m convinced that the entire team was asleep in the series with Boston.

The NFL football season in Los Angeles means that we got to have the Dallas Cowboys practice in nearby Oxnard for the last time and other long drives to catch any action. We get to either drive close to three hours to catch LaDainian Tomlinson and the San Diego Chargers or head north about six plus hours to take in a San Francisco 49ers or Oakland RaidersLA Dodgers logo By Fathead game.

Ah, to be a sports fanatic in Los Angeles…I wouldn’t change it for anything…

July 28, 2008

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Give Fathead for Graduation: The REAL. BIG.® Grad Gift

By: realbigfathead

By Drew Bufalini

Start a career, find a house, get married, have kids, sock away cash for their college fund and look forward to your midlife crisis – the circle of life truly begins at graduation. That’s why parent’s should be especially thoughtful when purchasing a graduation gift. There’s plenty of time to arm your grad for the real world with a business suit, day planner, briefcase and sense of disillusionment. Instead, go with something fun that rewards their hard work at college and communicates a positive message– like a Fathead wall graphic.

A Fathead is a bold, colorful life-size wall graphic of fan-favorite athletes, entertainment icons and, of course, college logos and helmets. Whatever your graduate’s passion, there’s a Fathead. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, WWE, NASCAR – if there’s a sports acronym, chances are good there’s a Fathead. (Sorry, lawn bowling fans!) If your grad is a big kid – as so many of us still are – they might prefer a Fathead from Star Wars, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Disney or their favorite comic book super hero.

Like your brilliant college graduate, Fathead wall graphics are very smart. Constructed of hyper-durable vinyl, they won’t fade or tear. The advanced adhesive backing allows them to be moved multiple times without losing their sticking power. Unlike your graduate, Fathead wall graphics won’t damage the walls and are quite inexpensive. The fact is: a REAL. BIG. wall graphic of their university logo is a gift every grad will treasure.

Perhaps the greatest reason to give your grad a Fathead is the message it sends: follow your passion. This is the best advice a parent can give without saying a word. Fathead is about connecting people with their passions; their ambition to be the best; never giving up on a REAL. BIG. dream; and about awakening the inner champion. Even a talking briefcase couldn’t convey all that to your grad.

Fathead CEO, Brock Weatherup, weighs in, “To me, graduation is the ideal time to give a Fathead. Not only does it demonstrate your love and understanding at a critical time, it also shows you’re more than the strict parent they remember from high school. You’re someone who cares about what they want for the future.”
Ready to send a REAL. BIG message to your grad? Find their Fathead on Fathead.com…and enjoy the party!