June 25, 2010

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Man Caves

By: Tom

I’ve been in the market for a new house for a couple of months now. I must admit that my girlfriend and I are suckers for House Hunters and My First Place and other House shows on HGTV. For the guys out there that don’t always like frilly throw pillows with matching crown molding trim, it would be cool to see some Fathead rooms for the sports fans out there. Or better yet, design a room around the colors of your favorite sports team. Don’t know if that would make for a good show or not. Maybe an idea like that would be received better on Garage Mahal or Man Caves. I still think it would be cool to have something like that as an option on the shows. I guess not all women would think a huge Pavel Datsyuk Fathead would look good on a wall with Red Wings colors and imagery everywhere. It would be cool to have a section on the home décor link that has paint colors and other ideas for making any room into my favorite sports room. My girlfriend can have her frilly throw pillows just as long as I can have my favorite team and colors on my walls.

April 30, 2010

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Man Room Closed

By: Guest Blogger

by Guest Blogger William Seward

I walked into my Man Room Thursday morning with urgency, my head down, looking for a hammer.

Having been to the Capitals game the night before, still not knowing what a “Hab” is even after seven games, and thinking about that 3 to 1 lead we had just a week before…I didn’t want to look up at Ovechkin or any of the other Caps Fatheads I have on my wall. No, I wanted to walk into my room, get my hammer out of the closet, and get out of there.

After such a disappointing showing in the playoffs, I felt ashamed; I felt like my team had let me down.

I decided that I won’t be hanging out in that room until next hockey season. Yes, my large HDTV is in there, as is my mini fridge and my comfy recliner, but seeing those two Caps logos and a 6-foot tall Ovechkin makes me angry.

Thus, I walked into the closet, got my hammer, and got on with my work.

Goodbye, Man Room.  Until next year, the lights are out in here, just like the lights are out at the Verizon Center.  Such a disappointment.