February 1, 2012

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Records Tom Brady Could Break During Super Bowl XLVI

By: Matt Bowen

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has history on the line when he takes the field in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. The 34-year-old could tie or break all of the major Super Bowl records for quarterbacks.

Brady has been the best the NFL has to offer over the last decade and there’s no sign of him slowing down anytime soon. He threw for 5,235 yards this season—a career best.  When the big game gets underway on Super Bowl Sunday it’ll be Brady’s fifth, which will tie him with John Elway for the most all-time starts by a quarterback in the Super Bowl.  While this is quite an accomplishment, there are many more records to be had by Brady with a spectacular game.

He needs just 156 passing yards in order to surpass Kurt Warner’s record of 1,156. Given, Warner did this in three games compared to Brady’s five, but who’ll remember that in 20 years? This record is almost inevitable—the New York Giants have a really good defense, but no team is good enough to hold a quarterback of Brady’s caliber to less than 156 yards. He may own this record before halftime.  

Big catches from Larry Fitzgerald helped Kurt Warner add to his total yards in Super Bowl 43.

Brady already owns the records for attempts(155) and completions(100) in the Super Bowl—he’ll only add to those.

With four touchdown tosses Brady will tie Joe Montana for most career touchdown passes in Super Bowl history with 11. Now, four touchdowns against a strong Giants squad may seem preposterous, but football fans should know not to doubt Brady—ever. After all, he threw six against the Denver Broncos just a few weeks ago.

One more Super Bowl victory would put Brady as the greatest of all time. With one win he would best Montana for most all-time playoff wins with 17. One more win on the biggest stage in all of sports would give Brady his fourth ring—tying him with Montana and Terry Bradshaw.

It’s no secret that Brady grew up imitating his boyhood hero Joe Montana.

On Super Bowl Sunday, he could become him.

November 10, 2008

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Where Have You Gone Warren Moon?

By: realbigfathead

By Ignacio Salazar

Houston Texans Logo Fathead Wall Graphic

Houston Texans Logo Fathead Wall Graphic

Matt Schaub? Big Bad Bust! Sage Rosenfels? Well, he has seven turnovers in seven quarters of play this year to go along with that Texas-sized meltdown against the Colts in week four. Sprinkle some sage on that Texan fan.

This great city has been without a legit quarterback since 1993 when Warren Moon led the Houston Oilers to 12-4 with an AFC Central title before he was traded off to the Minnesota Vikings.

What’s the deal? Why can’t Houston get a GM in here who knows how to find a quarterback? Look around the NFL. There are quarterbacks around this league that came out of nowhere and yet Houston can’t catch a break.

Dallas has Tony Romo, a two-time Pro Bowler who went undrafted. Atlanta and Baltimore have two rookie’s starting, Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco and both teams are 6-3 and in the playoff hunt. Arizona has a former grocery sacker, 37-year old Kurt Warner who has his team in first place. Chicago and Minnesota have Kyle Orton and Gus Frerotte, both known as backups but both have their teams tied for first place and Houston looks clueless at the position.

The Texans need a makeover from head-to-toe and it needs to start at the quarterback position. The Texans need someone that can lead this team, get them fired up and someone who can lead a comeback or put a game away when needed. Until that happens, here’s to dreaming of Warren Moon wrecking havoc on NFL defenses.

Notes: Since Moon left the quarterback reigns in Houston, no Houston quarterback, Oilers or Texans, has led his team a record over .500.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily those of Fathead, LLC.  Of course, we do agree that Warren Moon was a fine quarterback!