May 6, 2010

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First Blog Contest Winner

By: Lionel

It’s been one week since we began accepting guest blog posts for our blogging contest.  Thanks to all that have submitted so far, and please continue to submit, as we will be choosing new winners each week.

So, after one week, which entry was the best?  Well, our panel of judges has spoken, and the winner of this week’s free Fathead is…

Greg Schwartz!

There were quite a few good ones to choose from, but Greg picked an interesting, relevant subject, and turned it into a creative, well-written piece (click here to read it).  Congratulations, Greg!  We’ll be reaching out via email to see which Fathead you would like.

Remember, the contest lasts three more weeks, so continue to submit your blog posts by emailing them to  The judges will choose another winner next Thursday.

March 10, 2010

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Top Joneses of All Time

By: Lionel

Marion Jones was introduced as the newest member of the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock today, approximately one and a half years after she was released from a prison sentence for lying to federal prosecutors about performance-enhancing drugs and her role in a check-fraud scam.  Marion, undoubtedly, is one of the most recognizable Joneses in the nation, but where does she stack up on the list of Greatest Joneses of All Time?

According to our highly-structured, completely objective ranking system, Marion Jones doesn’t even crack the top five on the list of Greatest Joneses of All Time.  So which Joneses are greater?

5.  James Earl Jones – The voice of Darth Vader and the star of great movies like The Sandlot, Coming to America, and Soul Man, James Earl Jones is an American icon.


4. Indiana Jones – He didn’t star in nearly as many movies as James Earl Jones, but his role was fairly integral to movies like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


3.  Star Jones – A nine-year member of The View that achieved celebrity in two drastically different weight classes, Star Jones still pops up on the cover of the National Enquirer from time to time.


2.  Grace Jones - Multi-talented Grace Jones was a muse to Andy Warhol, a musical success in the UK (with limited success here in the states), and the star of classic movies like Conan the Destroyer, Boomerang, and Wolf Girl.  Her impact on the fashion world might be forever felt.


1.  Tom Jones - With a wardrobe full of skin-tight polyester jumpsuits and an enviably hairy chest, Tom Jones is one of the most important Welsh crooners ever to be born to a coal miner.  Songs like “It’s Not Unusual,” “What’s New, Pussycat?” and “She’s a Lady” will likely continue to influence musical artists for the next seven centuries.

February 24, 2010

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My Two Cents – Get Your LT Chargers Jerseys NOW!

By: Denny

LaDainian Tomlinson is a for sure first-ballot Hall of Famer and one of the greatest players of our generation. Whatever happens the rest of his career, LT Chargers jerseys will be the ones to have. People are going to be unloading these things like crazy, but if you are the kind of person who likes sport jerseys, I guarantee in 5 years you will regret either selling or not buying a Tomlinson Chargers jersey when you had the chance.

It just seems like this is one of those guys whose jersey everybody will want once he’s been gone a couple years. Do you see a lot of Joe Montana Chiefs or Franco Harris Seahawks jerseys out there?  Nope.  They had made their departures, but after a few years went by, the went back to being the iconic and in Montana’s case, “face of the franchise” guys with their original teams.  In a few years, when the Tomlinson Chargers jersey is the retro jersey of choice, you’ll be glad to have yours!

Where will Mr. Charger end up?  It’ll be strange to see him in another uniform, but one thing is clear.  Tomlinson wants to win a championship. Sorry Lions fans, he’s not coming to town.  Philly could use another pair of legs, Green Bay has been in search of a good pass-catching back to platoon with Ryan Grant and they are both contenders.  But how about this?  I know a team that loves to bring in supposedly over-the-hill players on the cheap and get good performance out of them.  Could LT fit in with the Patriots?  They’ve been looking for a featured back for years now and LT might just have enough gas in the tank to be the answer for a couple years.  He’s slowing down and isn’t a 25-carry guy anymore, but it’s an intriguing thought.  Hopefully, Tomlinson can get a few more successful years under his belt and can go out on a good note.  He’s one of the best we’ve seen and should be remembered as such.

February 18, 2010

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Crazy Pants

By: Becky

If the shoes make the man, do the pants make the athlete?  What is going on this year with Olympic team fashion?

Here at Fathead, we think the Norweigian Curling Team must have seen pro-golfer John Daly’s Fathead Wall Graphic and been inspired by his alternative attire.  They’re causing quite a stir at the Winter Olympics by wearing these “clown” pants, instead of the traditional black pants favored by curling athletes.  Apparently they shopped at the same store as Daly for their brightly colored diamond-patterned pants.

Perhaps the Czech Republic Team took a fashion tip from Daly’s other Fathead in selecting the loud pants they donned this year.

Then there were the Bermudans, who chose fashion before comfort in the opening ceremony, braving the chilly Vancouver air to sport their trademark Bermuda shorts

So I ask, is this just a bold style choice, or is there some athletic benefit to wearing these non-traditional uniforms?  Do they help to intimidate opponents with the confidence they convey?  Do they cause a game-changing distraction?  Do the loud patterns blind them? 

 I don’t have the answer, but I do have my own fashion tip for athletes.  Please don’t take any style cues from Lady Gaga for the summer Olympics! 

February 17, 2010

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Best Dunks of All Time?

By: Lionel

The NBA All-Star Dunk Contest was held on Saturday, but most people slammed it.  (Note:  It takes a special kind of writer to include a pun like that.)  Critics argue that the Contest has lost its appeal because many of the league’s biggest stars, the players that fans most want to see, don’t compete in it.

Regardless of the quality of this season’s Dunk Contest, however, I think it’s imperative for basketball fans to see some high-quality dunking.  Thus, I have been seeking out the greatest dunks of all time.  Many, many videos compile a selection of impressive dunks, but here are two of my favorites.