October 8, 2008

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REAL.BIG. Sweepstakes, Prizes and Free Money at Fathead.com

By: realbigfathead

While Fathead.com has always been a mighty cool site, we’ve made some tremendous changes lately – all in the name of keeping you engaged, having fun and (of course) buying our products for yourself, your friends and your family.  (The holidays are just around the corner – HINT! HINT!)!

Free Money Sale Do your holiday shopping early this year and save!  Ever heard of a FREE MONEY SALE?  Neither had we… until one afternoon when we were sitting around brainstorming.  The idea was to give folks a little extra cash to do their holiday shopping early.  After much debate and a short food fight, our CEO hit the dinger with the “Free Money Sale.”  Here’s the deal: Spend $150 and we’ll give you a $50 discount on your next purchase!

Prize Wheel Game This is probably the easiest game in the world to win.  Visit the site and follow the directions until you get to the big, colorful wheel with prizes printed on it.  Take your two spins (everyone gets two).  Whatever you land on at the end of each spin – you win!  Like a life-size Fathead, a pack of Fathead Tradeables or a variety of discounts on Fathead products.  ‘Cause I like you guys, use the code WINBIG to get your spins the easy way.  Click here to play the Prize Wheel Game.

REAL.BIG. Vacation Celebration Sweepstakes Got something to celebrate?  Do it with Disney!  Fathead and Disney are teaming up to send you on a 5-day/4-night vacation that includes round–trip airfare for four (4) people, accommodations in a Disney Deluxe Resort Hotel and Magic Your Way Theme Park tickets.  Click here to register for the Sweepstakes.

Customer Reviews, Photos and Videos We’re also making it easier for you to select the perfect Fathead by offering customer reviews – complete with photos and video!  Of course, there’s a flip side to that coin.  You can school fans yourself and write reviews as well as send photos and videos.  One important note: we are using a profanity filter.   So if your review reads like it was written by a poetry PhD…who moonlights as a longshoreman…it probably won’t get posted.  Keep it clean, super fans!

Presidential Candidate Wall Graphics Just in case you haven’t watched any television in the last two years (or picked up a newspaper), you should probably know that there’s a Presidential election in the offing.  Fathead has created wall graphics of both Barack Obama and John McCain as a way for fans to support their candidates Fathead-style.  Get yours now before the election’s over and the recounts begin!  (Okay, I REALLY hope we don’t have to go through that again.  Bad joke.) To make up for the joke, I’ll let you vote for President early – just not often – click here to Vote for President now!

New Fathead Products: Including Limited-Edition Life-Size and Tradeables Way too many new players to list.  We’re also creating special, limited-edition players for those super REAL.BIG fans out there.  Click here to see our latest Tradeables products, including Hannah Montana.

There’s a ton more happening at Fathead.com, but I hope this whets your appetite.  Check us out now and have some fun!  Keep an eye on our blog for more periodic updates.

July 28, 2008

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The Art of Talking Your ‘Rents Into Buying You a Fathead

By: realbigfathead

By Drew Bufalini

Asking your parents for something you want – and getting it – is an art no matter how much the object of your desire costs. Unless your folks are loaded and don’t mind throwing money around, simply asking for a Fathead without strategizing the best way to do it is the quick route to a real big “NO.” If you really want a Fathead, here are a few thoughts to help you turn on the charm and come out of the conversation a REAL.BIG. winner.

Before you ask for anything, make sure nothing can come back to haunt you. If your folks asked you to clean your room a week ago and it still looks like a category 5 hurricane just churned through, you’ll get a one way ticket back to your room for a thorough cleaning. Room clean? Garbage curbed? Dog walked? Lawn trim and driveway swept? Think of everything your Mom and Dad are always hounding you to do – and do them! That way, when you ask for a Fathead, they can’t turn you down for not listening. Plus, performing your chores without being asked a million times buys a lot of good will you can use for just about anything.

Next, make sure the timing is right. Asking while Mom and Dad are in the middle of paying bills or watching Law & Order:SVU probably won’t get you the answer you want. Instead, ask right after you’ve been praised for something positive. Good grades on your report card, completing all your chores, scoring a goal during your soccer game – when you’ve done Mom and Dad proud, that’s the time to ask for your Fathead.

Be prepared to counter every objection. Mom worried about damage to the wall? Fathead wall graphics are safe for walls! They go up and come down easily without ever causing damage. Planning a move? That’s okay! Fatheads can easily be moved from one wall to the next without losing adhesion. If either of your parents claim that a Fathead might fade in the sun or tear – tell them to think again. Made of high-grade vinyl, Fatheads don’t tear or fade.

The big objection most ‘rents will make about purchasing a Fathead is the price. The best way to counter is by appealing to their rational side. Fatheads are MUCH less expensive than most sports memorabilia and twice as exciting. They last for years – when you’re ready to go to college, you can roll it up and take it with you! Not to mention the fact that $99 isn’t a high price to pay for the awed reactions of your friends – and your parents!

If all else fails, you may have to suck it up and get a paper route. But don’t worry, Fathead isn’t going anywhere. Join Fathead Nation and you’ll stay on the cutting edge of all things Fathead via email updates. Or, get yourself a pack of Tradeables! They’re the latest hot product from Fathead. The first edition features over 150 fan-favorite NFL players and team helmets. With all the same cool features as the life-size Fathead, Tradeables are 5″ x 7″ and sold in packs of five. Check ‘em out on Tradeables.com.
Good luck!

July 28, 2008

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Something New For REAL.BIG. Sports Fans

By: realbigfathead

By Drew Bufalini

Historical moments like Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier or Lance Armstrong conquering the Tour de France seven times or Barry Bonds destroying the home run record don’t happen every day. In sports more than any other industry, records are made to be broken. It’s human nature to want to be part of these moments – to see a cyclist cross the finish line, catch a home run ball, get an autograph or even tape a photo of a favorite player to the wall. This FRIDAY, Fathead launches Tradeables…the first real innovation in sports collectibles since Fathead’s life-size wall graphics..and every REAL.BIG. sports fan can play a role! Inside each pack of Tradeables, you’ll find a secret code that unlocks a new world for fans on Tradeables.com. Be a part of this moment and join our online community…get your friends involved too!

The inaugural edition of Fathead Tradeables features fan-favorite NFL players and team logos – with every team in the league represented. Like their older, much larger siblings, Tradeables peel off their backing and stick to any flat, clean surface…BUT…they’re 5″ x 7″ and sold in packs of five. That means true NFL cans easily collect the entire 2008 NFL series! To start your collection and own a piece of sports history, visit Tradeables.com. They’ll also be sold in major retailers nationwide. (I’ll post a list of retailers when Tradeables arrive in stores.) In the meantime, get a sneak peak of the action at the temporary site we’ve set up at Tradeables.com.

Very soon, Fathead will be launching other versions of Tradeables too. Not just sports either…some of your favorite entertainment icons will become part of the Tradables revolution. Keep an eye on the web set or join Fathead Nation on Fathead.com to stay in the know about all things Fathead and Tradeables!

THIS FRIDAY, when Tradeables officially go on sale, you can take part in sports history. Don’t miss a minute of the action!