September 23, 2011

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Top Trends For The Week

By: mzaccagni

It is clearly NFL season and our numbers this week make that pretty obvious. Who do you think took the top spot though? We’ll give you a little hint.. Rookie..Quarterback..Come on if you can’t guess it off of those two hints then you must have been living under a rock for the past two weeks. Cam Newton had an unbelievable start for the Carolina Panthers but now the real question is, how long will this last? Is Newton the real deal?

We give you the top five popular trends at Fathead for this week and to our surprise (and probably your’s too) the Disney Princess Collection made it on the list. Maybe there was a Disney Princess convention going on this week because people definitely showed us their excitement!

1. Cam Newton

2. Dallas Cowboys Logo

3. Michael Vick

4. Disney Princess Collection

5. Winnipeg Jets Logo

May 15, 2009

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Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

By: Michael

We’re a pretty deeply engaged bunch of folks here at Fathead by which I mean we don’t just live with our products at work, we go home to them. Which we think is perfectly normal. In fact, we wonder what it would be like not to. Which brings up a point – you. Do you go home to your Fathead? If not, why not?


Well, it occurs to us that maybe you just haven’t found the right Fathead for your home. That’s why we’ve been busting our butts here the last few months creating more and more product for you. Seriously, have you checked out the huge new lineup of MLB players, team logos and classic logos? What about all the new NHL stuff – no excuses now, every team’s being represented. And MLS too – every team. And the NBA? Well, if you were waiting for that 80’s look Cavs logo, Brandon Roy, or Ray Allen to complete your Boston Three Party, look no more. Only you should, because in addition to all that, there are about 100 other new images.


Which brings me back to the Fathead home. Not everyone’s a sports nut. We’ve known that for a long time. That’s why we offer Disney, Marvel, DC, and other great entertainment products. But lately, we’re thinking maybe you just want something you can use to decorate – like animals and general sports graphics. We’ve got Dolphins and Frogs, Turtles and Snow Leopards. Just want some sports themed graphics like a collection of player silhouettes or sports balls? We’ve got it. Maybe we haven’t always made the point strongly enough but Fathead is an awesome home decorating solution.


Look at your options. You can paint; that means a lot of time, a lot of money and it smells. You can wallpaper; messy, time-consuming, pretty difficult even if you’ve done it before, and generally expensive. There are posters; you have to use tape (tacky) or tacks (ugly, and they damage the wall), plus posters are always getting beat up and looking pretty shoddy in no time. Of course you can do nothing, which is pretty boring and basically says you have no imagination whatsoever.


And then there’s Fathead. Hundreds and hundreds of images to choose from. Very affordable, especially when you compare it to wallpaper or paint. Takes about five minutes to put up – get a friend though because a Fathead is HUGE! You’ll probably spend more time figuring out where to put all the free extra images that come with the main image than you will putting up the big one. And here’s the kicker – you can move a Fathead and reuse it. You’re not stuck with one look.  And when you move it you don’t have to worry about the holes that the tacks or nails left behind, or the paint that the tape took off. If you live in an apartment this is a major advantage – no worries about getting charged for repairs plus you can take the Fathead with you when you move.


So, I’m just saying, we’re working really hard to get you the Fathead that works in your home because we think (and we’re right) that Fathead is an amazing decorating solution. If you still haven’t found the Fathead that works for you, just tell us – a lot of what you see at was created because someone like you told us you wanted it.


Assorted Sports Ball Graphics - General Sports Graphics - General Graphics 


April 1, 2009

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New Jonas Brothers Fathead

By: Lionel

Today we released a brand new Jonas Brothers Fathead, starring all three members of the band:  Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Nick Jonas.  I’m not going to lie to you—it looks great.  We’ve got one hanging up on the office wall right now, and I truly understand why girls everywhere love these guys.  They’re a lot cooler than I am. 



I could never pull off these outfits.  First off, my wife has made it very clear that I’m not allowed to wear pants that tight in public.  Beyond that, I think Joe is wearing eight different colors in this shot, including purple pants and white shoes, Nick is sporting a ‘50s greaser jacket, and Kevin has complemented his suit with what looks like a pair of cowboy boots.  These looks would never work on me, but they look cool as heck on the Jonas Brothers.



I remember trying to step up my fashion game back in the seventh grade.  This is me at my sexiest:



Hard to believe they never made a Fathead of me.  (Actually, Fathead didn’t exist back then—we had to settle for boring sports posters and flimsy wall decals.  I’m pretty sure, however, that I wouldn’t have been high on the list, even if Fathead had been around.)


So, I’ve accepted that I’ll probably never be as cool as the Jonas Brothers.  That’s okay, because I do get to be part of a very cool company that produces amazing wall graphics of stars like the Jonas Brothers, like Derek Jeter, and like LeBron James.  And, really, what’s cooler than a Fathead?




January 13, 2009

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The Jonas Brothers: A Case For the Best New Artist Grammy

By: realbigfathead

Jonas Brothers Life-Size Fathead Wall Graphic

Jonas Brothers Life-Size Fathead Wall Graphic

-Porsche Simpson

If you want to hear a swarm of cheers and screams, mention these three words to any young girl anywhere in the world: The Jonas Brothers.  As their name suggests, the musical trio is made up of three brothers – all heartthrobs -  ranging from ages 19-22 years old.  Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas have created such an extraordinary musical discography and footprint in the entertainment scene in such a short time that they’ve been compared to The Beatles for today’s younger generation.  The Grammy for Best New Artist surely belongs on their shelf….

The American Music Award-winning group started making history in early 2005, when they were signed by Columbia Records. Before they became a household name, the Jonas Brothers were performing in sold out arenas, opening for well known artists such as Kelly Clarkson, The Backstreet Boys and Jesse McCartney. Little did these boys know that success hadn’t even hit them yet…but it was right around the corner.

They say the greater the effort, the sweeter the taste of success.  After getting dropped by Columbia in early 2007, the Jonas Brothers were working extra hard to bear out the old adage.  The brothers continued writing songs and making music that would soon make girls swoon. Their REAL big break came in February 2007 when Hollywood Records approached the brothers with a music deal that would change their lives forever.  The Jonas Brothers happily signed on the dotted line and released their self-titled album, Jonas Brothers, that August.

Within a single week, their album reached number five on the Billboard Hot 200 chart.  But that was just the beginning for the band destined to become one of the most powerful brands in music. As their fan-base seemed to  increase exponentially, their phone rang off the hook with endless opportunities. The Jonas Brothers appeared on several television shows, such as Teen Choice Awards, and even performed their hit song “S.O.S” at the American Music Awards. They went from an opening act in arenas to being headliners for their very own concert tour: the Look Me in the Eyes Tour; which kicked off January 31st, 2008.

The third album was the charm – as if they needed another!  In August 2008, their third studio album, A Little Bit Longer, was released and made online history. The Jonas Brothers became the first group to ever sell more than 100,000 digital downloads for three consecutive singles: “Burnin Up,” “Pushin’ Me Away,” and “Tonight,” all charted to #1 on the iTunes “Top Songs” chart.

In American pop culture, an entertainer’s icon status is solidified once they’ve made it on Rolling Stone’s radar.   In January 2008, the award-winning group achieved a feature the magazine.  That same year, they also  performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Ellen Degeneres Show.

After starring in the hit Disney film “Camp Rock” as well as sold-out concerts, posting numerous #1 singles and having millions of fan around the globe, what’s next for the uber-popular Jonas Brothers?  Their fans are crossing their fingers that the band wins their very first Grammy this year!  They were nominated for the Best New Artist award for the 51st Grammy Awards, which is slated for air in February 2009.  Although they’ve become a household name, the superstar trio is nervous when they contemplate this year’s award show; “I fear that day,” Kevin Jonas said in an interview with Radio Disney last Tuesday. “You should have seen how nervous we were, just going to the announcement ceremony.” Younger brother and band mate, Nick Jonas, said, “Sure, being nominated is great, but winning would be even better. And if we do win? Wow, that would be amazing.”

Of course, since The Jonas Brothers were also honored by having their likenesses immortalized by Fathead wall graphics – giving millions of girls  around the world the chance to have life-size representations of the three brothers in their bedrooms – we think the Grammy would just be icing on the cake.  Still, we’ve got our fingers crossed for ‘em!

July 28, 2008

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Give Fathead for Graduation: The REAL. BIG.® Grad Gift

By: realbigfathead

By Drew Bufalini

Start a career, find a house, get married, have kids, sock away cash for their college fund and look forward to your midlife crisis – the circle of life truly begins at graduation. That’s why parent’s should be especially thoughtful when purchasing a graduation gift. There’s plenty of time to arm your grad for the real world with a business suit, day planner, briefcase and sense of disillusionment. Instead, go with something fun that rewards their hard work at college and communicates a positive message– like a Fathead wall graphic.

A Fathead is a bold, colorful life-size wall graphic of fan-favorite athletes, entertainment icons and, of course, college logos and helmets. Whatever your graduate’s passion, there’s a Fathead. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, WWE, NASCAR – if there’s a sports acronym, chances are good there’s a Fathead. (Sorry, lawn bowling fans!) If your grad is a big kid – as so many of us still are – they might prefer a Fathead from Star Wars, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Disney or their favorite comic book super hero.

Like your brilliant college graduate, Fathead wall graphics are very smart. Constructed of hyper-durable vinyl, they won’t fade or tear. The advanced adhesive backing allows them to be moved multiple times without losing their sticking power. Unlike your graduate, Fathead wall graphics won’t damage the walls and are quite inexpensive. The fact is: a REAL. BIG. wall graphic of their university logo is a gift every grad will treasure.

Perhaps the greatest reason to give your grad a Fathead is the message it sends: follow your passion. This is the best advice a parent can give without saying a word. Fathead is about connecting people with their passions; their ambition to be the best; never giving up on a REAL. BIG. dream; and about awakening the inner champion. Even a talking briefcase couldn’t convey all that to your grad.

Fathead CEO, Brock Weatherup, weighs in, “To me, graduation is the ideal time to give a Fathead. Not only does it demonstrate your love and understanding at a critical time, it also shows you’re more than the strict parent they remember from high school. You’re someone who cares about what they want for the future.”
Ready to send a REAL. BIG message to your grad? Find their Fathead on…and enjoy the party!