October 4, 2010

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Customer Service… It Seems so SIMPLE!

By: Gigi

Is anyone else shocked when they actually have a very positive customer service experience?  What happened to the days of “the customer is always right”?  When I pick up the phone to call my local cable provider, a store or just about anywhere, I prepare myself to be completely underwhelmed.  How sad is that?!

Are companies finally realizing that competition is fierce in these tough economic times?  Are they realizing that good customer service is really the lifeblood of a long-term, sustainable business?  I hope so!

We typically hear our friends, family and/or co-workers complaining about the BAD customer service.  Well, I am officially committed to spreading the word about  about GOOD customer service when it happens!  The whole positive reinforcement thing, ya know?  So, here goes…

I bought a pair of Simple Shoes (www.simpleshoes.com) a few months ago.  Having tried many pairs on, I know they typically include a pair of alternative shoe laces in the box (maybe a fun color or pattern).  I noticed that the pair I settled on didn’t have the extra laces, so I figured I would send an email to their Customer Service team through their website requesting some spare laces.  Within a day or so I received a polite, non-automated email from someone at Simple seeking a little bit of clarification and asking for my mailing address.  Within a week I received an envelope in the mail containing a nice note and an extra pair of laces.  I was actually shocked!  The folks at Simple get it!  Not only are the shoes comfortable, but they gave me one more reason to be a loyal, repeat customer.  It seems so SIMPLE, doesn’t it (pun intended)?!   

What does this have to do with Fathead?  Nothing, except for the fact that we definitely see the value in offering excellent customer service!  

Every client. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.