August 3, 2010

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When A Stranger Calls

By: Phyllis

When I tell people I work at Fathead, the first question I get is, “Wait, so can I like, make a Fathead of myself?” I of course am thrilled to tell them all about Fathead Custom, like the different size options and all the things you can turn into a Fathead. Well, one of my friends, named Vanessa,  who didn’t hear about Fathead Custom, found out about it a different way. She was babysitting for a family who are big Fathead fans, as she’s told me before. The young boys’ rooms are Star Wars themed with Darth Vader, Yoda, and Millennium Falcon.  The young girl’s room is SpongeBob Themed with SpongeBob SquarePants. After dark, Vanessa went up to the kids’ playroom to get something and she saw three giant things on the wall she’s never seen before so she let out a big scream. Once she turned on the lights, she saw 6 feet tall versions of the kids she babysits for and realized they were Fatheads. When Vanessa told me the story, she said the custom Fatheads are so big and so real that they made her jump, but in a good way of course! So if you want to know about Fathead Custom, head on over to, they’re really not scary, I promise.

July 1, 2010

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For Those About to Rock

By: Tim

My friend asked me the other day, “Tim, how is it that you ‘rock’ so much?” and I got to thinking…how is it that I rock so much? So over the past few days I decided to reflect on my day-to-day to figure out just that. See, rocking is not an easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, only 1 out of eleventy two Americans even know what it means let alone the .3% of them that actually know how to rock. And I can’t blame them… you can’t actually define rock. So from my findings I compiled a few steps on how to rock so that you, my friend, will someday rock too.

The first step in rocking should be the most obvious. Your hair has to rock. Obviously. Do you think Mike Score would really rock if he didn’t sport his rockin’ hairdo? Probably not. So how do you get your hair to rock you ask? It’s really simple. Just go to the nearest drugstore, buy a flat iron, a hairdryer, and a handful of different rockin’ hair products…any flavor. Now time to go home and experiment. Not a hairstylist? You don’t need to be! Being original is part of the rockin’ process, my friend. So how do you know when your hair finally rocks? Well at first, people may glance at you and look slightly confused. But remember that that’s a good thing. They are probably in the low eleventy two percentile that just doesn’t get it. Just think – they took notice of you, right? There you have it. You are on your way to rockin’.

The next step in how to rock may be a bit easy. Wake up a little later than usual. I know what you’re thinking. This is probably gonna piss some people off. Especially your boss. But hear me out! Sleeping in is a good thing. Because you are well rested, it will help you develop a laid back approach to things and help you deal with uptight people (such as your boss) who are up way earlier than what scientists deem healthy. What’s that you say? You might lose your job from being late all the time? Chances are, that job doesn’t rock and therefore you will not rock if you stay there.

Let’s turn up the rock a bit and move on to the third step in rocking: Confidence. This can single handedly be the most rockin’ information you rock away with today. As a matter of fact, I’ll have to expand on this topic in future posts. So how do you rock confidence? It’s easy! You got your new rockin’ hairdo, right? Time to share it with the world. Go grab your Mom’s camera and head to the bathroom. Start taking pictures of yourself from different angles. Purse your lips out a bit to accentuate your cheek bones. Be sure to get the camera in the picture as well. You want people to know that it was you who took the pictures because it’s you who rocks so much, not them. Now upload them to your Facebook profile and encourage your lady friends to post comments. Be careful to filter out your first few comments. I’ve found some initial negativity from people getting used to you rockin’. Don’t let it bother you. They’re just jealous of how much more you rock then they do.

Step 4. Make a custom Fathead ( of yourself rockin’ and put it up at work for everyone to see. Nothing says “That rocks!” more than a Fathead of yourself doing something gnarly. What’s that? You don’t do anything that gnarly? Just ask one of your buddies who knows Photoshop to put your head on something cool like this guy:

Well my fellow rockers, I’m all out of time for the moment. I’ll be sure to continue to track my movements and reflect so that I may share my rock with you some more. Until then, rock on my friend! Rock on!

June 9, 2010

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Fathead Father’s Day Commercials

By: Lionel

Father’s Day is approaching.

Because we, at Fathead, believe that there is no better place to buy a gift for Dad than (and we are completely unbiased about this), we thought that we’d better tell the world.

Thus, we have two new commercials airing on national TV.  Check out the first one:


Now, check out the second one:

Now, buy a Fathead for your Dad and tell all of your friends and relatives to do the same.  We think it’s so important that we’re offering a discount (click here to see it).  I know — it’s very gracious of us.  But, hey, Dad deserves it.

May 22, 2009

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Fathead Custom – You’re going to love it!

By: Sonya

Did you ever wish that you could be a Fathead? Well, wish no more…

I am so excited to tell everyone I know about Fathead Custom! They come in two sizes, REAL.BIG. and BIG. All you have to do is shoot, upload, customize, order and enjoy!

This in my opinion is the coolest thing we have come out with so far! The only problem I have is, choosing the perfect photo or two or three. See for yourself what all the excitement is about.