October 13, 2011

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“Who Would Win?” with Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox

By: Lionel

The Boston Red Sox have taken a beating from the media over the last few weeks, with the team melting down in the last month of the regular season, the departure of Terry Francona and Theo Epstein, and the recent accusations of players partying in the clubhouse during games.  We could get caught up in the drama, but we prefer to talk about happy things.  Besides that, we have a fun interview with Kevin Youkilis that we’re excited to publish while people are still talking about the Boston Red Sox.

We asked Kevin Youkilis to play “Who Would Win?” with us.  The premise is simple.  We just asked Kevin to tell us which of his Boston Red Sox teammates would win various hypothetical events.  His answers are below in bold:

“Kevin Youkilis, of your Boston Red Sox teammates, who would win…

1. …a game of Trivial Pursuit?”  Ryan Lavarnway, only because he went to Yale.

2. …a car race?”  Marco Scutaro loves fast cars.

3. …a political election?”  Jed Lowrie, because he went to Stanford and wears 3-piece suits.

4. …a singing contest?”  Daisuke has a good voice.

5. …a dance-off?”  No idea.  Luckily never seen some guys dance.

6. …a humanitarian award?”  Too hard to answer because we have a lot of guys that do a lot of charity work.

7. …a trash-talking contest?”  Pedroia for sure.  A daily routine for him [is] to talk trash, but it’s all joking around and never too serious.

8. …an arm-wrestling tournament?”  Varitek.  He is one strong dude.

9. …a stand-up comedy contest?”  Marco Scutaro for sure.  He is always making guys laugh and keeping the locker room loose and fun.

10. …a hot dog eating contest?”  Jacoby Ellsbury and Jonathan Papelbon.  They can eat a lot.

March 31, 2011

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Back to the Ballpark

By: Lionel

It’s Opening Day today, and the folks here at Fathead couldn’t be more excited.  The office is loaded with jersey-wearing fans, we’ve got nine TVs blasting baseball, and even the nerds on the tech team, normally indifferent when it comes to sports, are showing some excitement.

To commemorate the start of the season, we put up a Comerica Park Fathead mural (we’re based in metro Detroit, so most of us are Tigers fans).  As a big baseball fan myself, I am of the opinion that these are the coolest Fatheads we’ve ever produced.  And I think it’s safe to say that I am not alone, as the stadium murals have been pretty good sellers since we introduced them about a month ago.

(This is me acting like I'm actually at Comerica Park. I'm hilarious.)

Which are America’s favorite parks?  If you judge based on our sales so far, you might be surprised at a few of them.

Top Selling Baseball Stadium Murals

1.  Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)

2.  Citizen’s Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)

3.  Yankee Stadium (NY Yankees)

4.  Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs)

5.  Target Field (Minnesota Twins)

6.  Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals)

7.  AT&T Park (San Francisco Giants)

8.  Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati Reds)

9.  Citi Field (NY Mets)

10.  Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers)