January 12, 2012

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Clay Matthews Answers a Bunch of Unrelated Questions

By: Lionel

As the NFL Playoffs begin, the Green Bay Packers are the favorites to once again win the Super Bowl.  With their high-powered offense and stifling defense, no one doubts that they’ll be tough to beat.

We wanted to gain more insight into that stifling defense, so we prepared an extensive interview with its cornerstone, Clay Matthews III.  Unfortunately, our professional interviewer overslept after a wild night in Green Bay, so we were forced to improvise.  What we ended up with was this bunch of unrelated questions, answered with straight-faced humor by the guy with arguably the best hair in pro sports.

Clay took time out from terrorizing QB's to sit and chat with us.

Fathead Blog: In interviews, you’ve claimed to be a nerd.  What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

Clay Matthews III: People assume that all NFL players live extravagant lives.  I’m just a boring guy.

FB: You come from an NFL family–your grandfather, father, and uncle all played in the NFL, and you have a brother and a cousin both playing in the league right now.  When you’re all sitting around the Thanksgiving table, do you talk crap about the Mannings?

CM: No.  And we actually don’t play football [on Thanksgiving], contrary to what most people think.  We play basketball.  We’re an athletic family, so it gets pretty competitive.

FB: You had a pretty successful high school basketball career, didn’t you?

CM: If success means getting put in for the last 15 seconds of the game, then yes.

FB: What was your best stat line?

CM: I think one time I had a steal.

FB: What music or band do you like, but you’re a little embarrassed to admit it?

CM: Well, everything I do is cool, so there’s no reason for me to be embarrassed.  I listen to all kinds of music.  I’ll rock out to a little Lady Gaga.

FB: Of these choices, please tell us your favorite lower-budget beer:  Miller High Life, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz, Stroh’s, Blatz, Red White & Blue, Old Milwaukee, or Milwaukee’s Best.

CM: Well, I don’t drink beer, but just to represent Wisconsin, I’m going to say Wisconsin Something-Something, or…Milwaukee…whatever you said at the end right there.

FB: Milwaukee’s Best.

CM: Yeah.

FB: Which Packer’s rear end inflicts the most pain on bicycle seats during training camp?

CM: You know, I’m going to have to say that’s either B.J. Raji or Ryan Pickett.  They’re well over three bills, so no banana seats–strictly reinforced steel.

FB: What foods did you not know came in a fried variety before coming to Wisconsin?

CM: I am pretty sure any food is.  There are fried Oreos–there’s even fried Kool-Aid now…  Fried sticks of butter; obviously there’s fried cheese.  You know, you could really fry anything.  Fried pickles.  You name it, you can fry it.

FB: Who is the biggest NFL trash-talker?

CM: You know, I haven’t really come across too many trash talkers.  Normally they talk trash when they’re either beating you pretty good or putting it on you, but I think we’ve had some success here the last couple of years, so it’s kind of hard to.

FB: What are the best and worst stadiums to play in on the road?

CM: You know all of the stadiums present something unique about them, but the lockers are usually what make or break a visiting stadium.  Dallas is obviously very nice, a new construction–thank you, Jerry Jones, for those wonderful lockers down there.  I think Minnesota’s a little cramped up there.  Chicago has some nice amenities.  It really just depends on the locker situation.

FB: If you were going to hang up someone’s Fathead in your house, whose would it be?

CM: Well, this is going to be real emotional, but probably my father’s, since he has one of himself donning the orange and brown of the Cleveland Browns, so I’d probably have his.  Or myself.  I’m not scared of vanity.

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September 15, 2011

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Joe Haden Answers a Bunch of Unrelated Questions

By: Lionel

Bolstered by quarterback Bruce Grakowski’s quick-snap, 41-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Green, the Cincinnati Bengals came out on top of Joe Haden and the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.  Don’t let that single play overshadow the performance of Haden, however, whose 5 break ups and 3 tackles, including 1 sack, made him “by far” the best cornerback of the week, according to ProFootballFocus.com.  Browns coaches suggest that Haden will be drawing the top coverage assignment often this season, and it’s no wonder.

Haden stopped by the Fathead office for the release of his new Fathead yesterday.  As gracious and down-to-earth as anyone you’ll ever meet, he shook hands, signed autographs, and posed for pictures with anyone who asked, the mutton chops on his cheeks framing his natural, easy smile.  We then sat down, and I asked him what I can only call “A Bunch of Unrelated Questions.”

Fathead Blog: It’s still pretty early in your NFL career, but who has been your toughest cover so far?

Joe Haden: My toughest cover has been Chad Ochocinco.  He’s really good.  He’s just fast, quick, and he comes out of his breaks really good.  I mean he does everything really well.


FB: You were nicknamed “Rockstar” by fellow Gators because you can dance and you’re always well-dressed.  Which Brown is the worst dresser?

JH: I would have to give it to my boy Ahtyba Rubin.  Yeah, man.  He just doesn’t really care too much.  He’ll just come in with a big, black shirt and some flip-flops everyday.

FB: Who’s the worst dancer?

JH: Joe Thomas.  Yes.  I’ve seen him out at Barley House a couple of times, and it didn’t look too good.  It’s probably a tie between him and Alex Mack.


FB: What’s on your DVR right now?

JH: Oh.  America’s Got Talent.  America’s Got Talent or America’s Best Dance Crew.  Those are my two favorite shows.

FB: Who do you root for on America’s Got Talent?

JH: I root for the dancers.  Definitely.  They’re always the best.


FB: I read that you haven’t turned down an autograph request yet. What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve been asked to autograph?

JH: I’ve been asked to autograph body parts a lot.  Shoes…iPhones.  Probably the craziest one is iPhones.  I was, like, “You seriously want me to sign your phone?”  Like, white iPhones!

FB: Does it stay on there?

JH: No, it smears off.  (laughs) They still had me sign it.


FB: You played quarterback for Friendly High School.  Do you find it hard to intimidate opponents when your team is the Friendly Patriots?

JH: No, because when you’re that good, when you’re team is that much better, they see how good you are, and it doesn’t really matter.  We just tell them, “We play for the Patriots.”  We don’t put “Friendly” in front of it.


FB: What movie or band or music do you like, but you’re a little embarrassed to admit it?

JH: All of my music–it would be okay for me to like.  Movie…  Lion King?  I mean everybody likes Lion King, though.


FB: What’s your prediction for Tim Tebow?

JH: Oh man.  I hope it works out.  He’s such a good dude.  We played together, and he was just so humble and God-fearing.  I mean he’s just such a good person.  You always hope for the best for people like that.  I don’t really know what the situation is out there.  I mean, on TV, on ESPN, it’s not looking too good, but I just hope for the best.


FB: If you were to put up anyone’s Fathead in your house, besides your own, whose would it be?

JH: Michael Vick.  No question.  That’s just my favorite player ever.

April 7, 2011

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A Bunch of Unrelated Questions Answered by Jamaal Charles

By: Lionel

Jamaal Charles has seen a lot.  A standout running back, he was part of the 2005 national championship team with the University of Texas, where he currently ranks fourth in career rushing yards, despite forgoing his senior year to enter the NFL draft.  Now three years into his professional career with the Kansas City Chiefs, he has become one of the best rushers in the NFL.

We figured that a guy who’s seen so much would have a lot of information to share, so we worked for weeks – brainstorming, researching, and surveying fans – to come up with the most interesting interview questions possible for Mr. Charles.  Unfortunately, we left those questions in the bar at the airport, so we hastily assembled a bunch of unrelated questions just to make sure we had something to ask him when we saw him.  Here are his answers to that second batch of questions:

1.       How did your NCAA bracket work out?  Good.  Had UConn winning it all.

2.       Name 3 things you’ll do more of if there isn’t an NFL season.  Lift weights, run track, more community involvement.

3.       If there was a movie about your life, who would be the star?  Me.

4.       Better barbecue: Texas or Kansas City?  Texas.

5.       Who, in your opinion, is the most intimidating defensive player in the NFLNo one.

6.       What are you surprisingly bad at?  Singing.

7.       If there’s no NFL season, and you can let your self go a little, what will you eat a lot of?  Nuts.  All kinds of nuts.

8.       What’s on your DVR right now?  I don’t have one.

9.       What movie do you like that you don’t normally admit to people?  Avatar.

10.   If you were going to put up anyone else’s Fathead in your house, whose would it be?  Adrian Peterson’s.