November 8, 2013

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Oregon vs. Baylor Would Be the 2013 Must-See Bowl Game

By: Matt Bowen

Thanks to a tough loss against rival Stanford recently, the Oregon Ducks may be officially out of the National Championship race. With Florida State and Ohio State waiting impatiently for a chance to move up in the ranks, the Ducks need some luck from here on out. While there are games left to be played, No. 1 Alabama seems like a team of destiny(again), Florida State’s only tough opponent left is rival Florida and Ohio State is only threatened by Michigan.

If Baylor doesn't have a date in the BCS National Championship, a matchup with Oregon would make for a very interesting Bowl game.

Ducks fans—don’t hang your head too long—the sun will come up tomorrow. Oregon has a great program and the team is still phenomenal. They are still bound to attend a BCS Bowl Game and their unfortunate loss sets the table for the best bowl game of the season.

Never mind Alabama vs. the field for the National Championship, the must-see game of the year will be Oregon vs. Baylor.

You see, these are the two most entertaining teams in the country. The Baylor Bears are currently 8-0, average an NCAA-best 61 points/game and have an underrated defense. The Ducks are second on the list with 51.7 per on offense.

What more does a college football fan need? Both teams provide plenty of offense and a primetime atmosphere would be television dynamite.

Baylor fans, please don’t scream at your monitors stating, “We Want Bama!” Everybody, even Ball State wants Bama. While the Bears may run the table and go undefeated, it seems like Florida State or Ohio State will still have the upper hand in the political game of BCS poker.

Baylor’s remaining schedule is tough with games against Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, TCU and Texas to end the season. There’s nothing like saving the best for last and if Baylor makes it through unscathed they may just jump everybody in the BCS formula, but it’s a long shot.

Regardless, even if undefeated and snubbed, the game we want to see is Oregon vs. Baylor.

Oregon’s quarterback Marcus Mariota is headed to the NFL next season and it would be interesting to see him lineup across a Baylor defense that only allows opponents 15.4 points/game.

People who haven’t watched Baylor closely this season might write-off Baylor as a one-sided squad that simply puts up crooked numbers, but that’s not the case. While it can easily be argued that Baylor’s recent opponent Oklahoma was their toughest to date, they only allowed 12 points to an offense that averages 28.9 and won decisively, 41-12.

Keep in mind that Oregon’s defense is allowing just 17.9 per outing also.

So, who wins the game between Oregon and Baylor? This game would feature the two best offenses in the land and secretly a pair of the best defenses. What gives?

A football purist would say they want to see the defenses triumph, but the over/under in Vegas would read somewhere around 85. For this one only, forget the defense, we want all the offense these two can dish out. As fans, we can take it.

Oregon vs. Baylor—get ready for it.

Come New Year’s Day, do whatever you have to do watch this one in its entirety. Keeps your fingers crossed that this one happens and enjoy.

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November 20, 2013

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