August 12, 2013

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The Week In Sports

By: Anson Whaley

Jason Dufner claims first golf major with PGA win: Jason Dufner secured his first major golf title with a win at the PGA championship this weekend. Dufner bogeyed the final two holes of the tournament but he still beat long-time veteran Jim Furyk by two shots to capture the trophy. Meanwhile, the event also ended the fifth consecutive season where Tiger Woods will finish without a major championship. Woods finished at +4, far behind the -14 pace set by Dufner. The chances are that Woods will eventually break through and win another major, but at 37, it’s just going to get harder from here on out.

Coaches’ preseason college football poll released: The AP Coaches’ preseason college football poll was released last week and to no surprise, Alabama was ranked as the nation’s top team heading into the season. The Crimson tide took home an overwhelming 58 of the 62 first-place votes while Ohio State (3) and Texas A&M (1) secured the others. According to the poll, we’ll also see continued SEC dominance, as five of the top ten teams were from that conference.

Alabama starts off the 2013 College Football season at #1.

NFL is back: The NFL kicked off this weekend with its first batch of preseason games. The defending champion Baltimore Ravens were impressive in a 44-16 romp over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it’s really hard to take too much away from any of these games considering the starters generally played only a series or two. The preseason games not only consist of second-stringers, but also many rookies and younger players that won’t ever suit up for a regular season game.

Lebron James called for jury duty: Jury duty includes everybody and that point was proved as Lebron James was summoned this past week. James showed up, but was not seated on a jury and was able to leave. Right, because the 6’7” All-Star in a courthouse hearing a case about a theft from a local store wouldn’t be at all distracting. I can sympathize with those that feel athletes shouldn’t be given special privileges, but sending him home was probably best in this situation to avoid an absolute fiasco.

The Redneck Olympic Games forced to change name: Yeah, I’ll just put this here.

Sidney Crosby avoids long DMV wait: In another case of celebrities finding ways out of awkward moments, Pittsburgh Penguins’ star Sidney Crosby avoided a long stay at the DMV when he was there to renew his driver’s license. Crosby skated (see what I did there?) by due to a Pennsylvania rule allowing celebrities to move to the front of the line to not cause a disruption. While the rule makes perfect sense, there were some that complained about Crosby getting special treatment. Of course they did.

Michael Jordan still dunking: Not sure this is a huge surprise, but at 50, Michael Jordan can still dunk a basketball. The guard accomplished the feat at his annual Flight School as evidenced by the photo tweeted out from that camp’s account last week. It’s not quite as impressive as Julius Erving pulling it off recently at the age of 63 and doing it in a fantasy camp uncontested may not be the hardest thing in the world for what may be the greatest player of all time. But hey – how many 50-year olds can get up and just dunk when they want to?

Alex Rodriguez goes yard: Alex Rodriguez has hit over 600 home runs so another round-tripper typically would be no big deal. But the Yankee third baseman’s home run on Sunday was his first of the season after sitting out due to injury. It also comes on the heels of all of the suspensions from the Biogenesis scandal where a dozen other players were suspended. While others waived their right to appeal in order to strike a deal with baseball, A-Rod insisted on fighting the charges so that he can play immediately.

NCAA basketball will open in Asia: For the first time ever, Asia will be the host country of the college basketball season opener when Georgetown faces Oregon in a game overseas. The contest will be played at a U.S. Army base in South Korea.

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