March 6, 2013

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Stars I’m Avoiding for My Fantasy Team

By: Joe Williams

You can’t win your fantasy baseball league on draft day. That takes much more than one day of investment. But if you draft a few stars that don’t perform, that one day could take you out of the running. With that in mind, here’s a few guys you can be sure won’t end up on my fantasy baseball roster on draft day.

Albert Pujols

This guy is not the top-five production guarantee he was a couple years ago. He’s already 33. He has knee issues and his totals for runs, hits, home runs, batting average and steals continues to decline each year. He’s still going to produce. But I’m not willing to spend my first pick on him (I’d much rather have Miguel Cabrera or Matt Kemp for example) and somebody in your league will.

Ryan Braun

Did he or didn’t he? The performance-enhancing drug thing keeps coming up. I don’t know why. But I do know that I’m not using my first pick on someone who may be suspended at some point. He is just too risky if you ask me. And as a Cubs fan, I prefer not to root for a Brewer if I don’t have to.

Buster Posey

I actually love Posey. But I don’t see him re-creating his MVP season and there are quite a few catchers that put up nice numbers last season. I’m not going to tell you not to draft him. But I’d rather wait a few rounds to take a catcher than take him in the first couple rounds.

David Wright

Here’s another guy I like. In fact, I want him on my team. Just not as much as Adrian Beltre. And I’m not going to be able to get both of the third basemen. Beltre is more dependable and was a key part of my fantasy championship last season. I’m not just going to kick him to the curb.

Derek Jeter

His name alone will get him drafted higher than he should be. Somebody in your fantasy baseball league will expect him to be the leader of a high-powered Yankees lineup and think they got a steal with a mid-round pick. Maybe. But the last time we saw him, was when he broke his ankle. And he’s 38. And the Yankees could be in trouble with injuries already piling up. No thanks. You can have him.


Somebody is going to pile up a lot of saves. Jim Johnson had 51 last year. And Fernando Rodney and Rafael Soriano each had more than 40. But they won’t be very high on my draft board. Why? Because they weren’t very high on draft boards last season either. There are too many other variables that go into whether or not these (and all other closers) will even get save chances. Unless you know something I don’t, then let someone else waste a higher pick on the top rated closers and find somebody that is more reliable. There will always be somebody available that can get you a few saves.

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