November 13, 2012

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NFL Power Rankings

By: Joe Williams

A couple NFL teams are close to clinching a playoff spot. A couple are close to locking up a top five pick in the draft. A lot are somewhere in the middle. Where does your team stand?

Two upcoming games between the Steelers and Ravens could determine the AFC North.

1 Houston Texans (8-1) — One more win may be enough to get the Texans into the playoffs. They have the inside track to the AFC’s top seed.

2 Atlanta Falcons (8-1) — The last unbeaten has fallen. Atlanta is still on top in the NFC race for home-field advantage in the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens (7-2) — Two games against arch-rival Pittsburgh in the next three weeks could make or break the AFC North race.

4 San Francisco 49ers (6-2-1) — With games against Chicago and New Orleans coming up the Niners could go a whole month without a win.

5 Chicago Bears (7-2) — With the Packers and Vikings breathing down their neck, the Bears can’t afford to be without Cutler for long.

6 New England Patriots (6-3) – The Pats survived a scare against Buffalo Sunday and have opened up a two-game lead in the AFC East. They have scored a league-high 299 points.

7 Denver Broncos (6-3) – Manning has this team back in the Super Bowl hunt. A win on Sunday virtually locks up the AFC West crown for the Broncos.

8 Green Bay Packers (6-3) – The Packers had a week off to get healthy and pulled within a game of Chicago. They can deliver a knock-out blow to the Lions in Detroit Sunday.

9 Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3) – Roethlisberger’s injury could cost the Steelers the division title with two games against the Ravens in the next three weeks.

10 New York Giants (6-4) – Two straight losses is not the way you want to head into the bye. Especially with a brutal schedule to finish the season.

11 Seattle Seahawks (6-4) – Great win over the Jets but the Seahawks are going to have to find a way to win a couple road games if they want to make the playoffs.

12 Dallas Cowboys (4-5) – Dallas kept its hopes alive with a win in Philly. With three straight winnable games at home coming up, can they climb back into the race?

13 New Orleans Saints (4-5) – Despite a historically bad defense, the Saints are marching back into the wild card race. They must win in Oakland Sunday because the 49ers, Falcons and Giants follow.

14 Minnesota Vikings (6-4) – It will take at least nine wins for a wild card spot. With Bears, Packers, Bears, Rams, Texans and Packers left its not likely.

15 Detroit Lions (4-5) – Is the Madden curse to blame for the Lions’ disappointing season? Playing the Packers and Texans in the next two weeks could make it worse.

16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-4) – Josh Freeman and Doug Martin have the Bucs on a three-game winning streak and they’ve scored at least 28 points in the last five games. They are in the hunt.

17 Arizona Cardinals (4-5) – With a trip to Atlanta coming this week, the Cards are looking at going a full two months without a win after starting 4-0.

18 Indianapolis Colts (6-3) – Seems like they should be higher in my rankings. Another win next week and they will be.

19 Cincinnati Bengals (4-5) – Beating the champs was a great way to end their losing streak. With the three struggling AFC West teams coming up, maybe the Bengals can make a run.

20 San Diego Chargers (4-4) – It has been two months since the Chargers beat anybody besides the Chiefs. Jobs are on the line when they play the Broncos on Sunday.

21 Tennessee Titans (4-6) – They’ve got momentum heading into a bye week and a pretty nice schedule to finish the season. Don’t count Tennessee out yet.

22 New York Jets (3-6) – A very good team has become a bad team in a hurry. It’s going to be a long winter in New York.

23 Washington Redskins (3-6) – A 6-1 finish is what it will take to get a wild card spot. It’s unlikely, but the Skins will cause trouble in the NFC East next year.

24 Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) – Goodbye playoffs. Goodbye Andy Reid. Goodbye Michael Vick.

25 St. Louis Rams (3-5-1) – A tie instead of a win was a huge blow to the Rams wild card hopes. The finishing schedule isn’t tough though.

26 Miami Dolphins (4-5) – That performance against the Titans was not something a playoff team would do. Still a long way to go for the Dolphins.

27 Oakland Raiders (3-6) – They have allowed 42 points to the Bucs and 55 to the Ravens. How many will Brees and the Saints get?

28 Buffalo Bills (3-6) – This popular preseason sleeper pick has been asleep for most of the season. They have a pretty easy schedule coming up but it’s too late.

29 Carolina Panthers (2-7) – The Panthers are getting beat in all areas right not. Special teams coach Brian Murphy paid the price after the loss to Denver. Who’s next?

30 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) – The Jags have been outscored by 119 so far, the worst in the NFL. On the bright side, they have a shot at the first pick in the draft.

31 Cleveland Browns (2-7) – The Browns haven’t been winning, but at least they have been competitive. There is hope.

32 Kansas City Chiefs (1-8) – Speaking of hope…the Chiefs took the lead for the first time all season in Pittsburgh.

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