February 2, 2012

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Super Bowl XLVI Top 10 Sellers

By: Junior

I wanted to take a look into which Fatheads have sold the most in the week leading up to Super Bowl XLVI. I wanted to know if I could gain any insight into what people were expecting to happen in the game based on who or what they were purchasing. We knew the Top 10 Fatheads would be dominated by the New England Patriots and New York Giants, but who and what from each team could be valuable information on the outcome of the game.

1. Super Bowl  XLVI Party Pack

This was the obvious #1. First of all, whether or not your team made the big game, you still need to have the best decorations at your Super Bowl party. Then, add in all of the Patriots and Giants fans who want this as a memorable reminder of what they hope to be a Super Bowl win for their team, and this had to be #1.

2. Tom Brady

Now we start to see what people are thinking. Already having 3 Super Bowl rings and going down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady is the safe purchase for any Patriots fan. Add to that his mass appeal around the world, and I’m still not taking much from this ranking.

3. Rob Gronkowski

Now we start getting some answers. While Gronkowski has been the talk of the Super Bowl as of late (or at least his ankle), people purchasing his Fathead more than any other position makes me think people still think he will have a big game on Sunday.

Even with his ankle injury, Fathead customers expect Gronkowski to have a big Super Bowl.

4. Tim Tebow “Tebowing”

Many would say this is the first non-Super Bowl Fathead on the list, but they would be wrong. Not only was Tim Tebow spotted in Indy this week, but he has his own prop bet during the game. People can bet on how many times he will be mentions during the broadcast, and according to these sales it would seem multiple times. While I don’t think this lets us know how people feel about the game, if Tebow has an effect on Sunday, don’t say this post didn’t warn you.  

5. Eli Manning – Quarterback

Sadly, this might be the most telling sale of all. Not that Eli is 5th, but that this is the first Giants Fathead on the List. Still, Giants fans have had their faith restored in Eli, and this shows that they are confident he can deliver another Super Bowl to New York. Sure, Patriots fans are more confident in Brady, but if Eli beats him in yet another Super Bowl? I would guess Eli Fatheads would be a hot purchase  if that happened.

6. New York Giants Helmet

The Giants helmet comes in at #7 on our list, and it worries me that more skill players for the Giants aren’t being confided in. However, the helmet is a great way to show support of the whole team, so maybe fans don’t want to pick a favorite. Normally, I would guess this is to support the defense, but the Giants have a lot of defensive players with fatheads, so I’ll chalk this up to just supporting the team as whole.

7. Victor Cruz

Ask and I shall receive. Finally, the Giants get a skill position on the board. What does this tell me? Giants fans think there will be some salsa dancing lessons going on this weekend. Cruz has had a breakout season, and is the Giants version of Rob Gronkowski. These two players will both be playing in their first Super Bowl, and with it being their first season under the spotlight, whoever shines brighter could be the difference in the game.

8. New England Patriots Logo

Much like the Giants helmet, I can’t gather a lot of information out of this purchase. It could be a purchase focusing on the tradition of the organization. Having had so many players come and go through their Super Bowl runs, maybe they want a Fathead that encompasses all of the teams. Regardless, it doesn’t give much insight into the game coming up.

9. Eli Manning

Now we get even more complex. Could this be why Eli was so low with his first ranking? Now having two separate Fatheads on the list, Giants fans show just how much faith they do have in Eli. This pulls his number closer to Brady’s, much like how people are starting to regard Eli closer to Brady in real life. After the last Super Bowl meeting between these two teams, had you told someone Eli would face Brady in another Super Bowl before Peyton, most would have laughed. Now, Eli could continue to build on his legacy by obtaining more rings than his brother.

10. New England Patriots Helmet

The final Fathead again leaves us without another clue for the game on Sunday. The Patriots and Giants both hold 4 Fatheads on this Top 10 list, plus a split with their Super Bowl package. They also both only have their QB and go to receiving threat on the list. So what does that tell us? That they believe there will be no running game. Our customers believe that as the quarterbacks go, so go their teams. Finally, that they think it will be a high scoring game, with both games looking to go to the air early and often. If the score is as close as these purchase trends, we should all have a great game to look forward to this Sunday.

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