April 7, 2011

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A Bunch of Unrelated Questions Answered by Jamaal Charles

By: Lionel

Jamaal Charles has seen a lot.  A standout running back, he was part of the 2005 national championship team with the University of Texas, where he currently ranks fourth in career rushing yards, despite forgoing his senior year to enter the NFL draft.  Now three years into his professional career with the Kansas City Chiefs, he has become one of the best rushers in the NFL.

We figured that a guy who’s seen so much would have a lot of information to share, so we worked for weeks – brainstorming, researching, and surveying fans – to come up with the most interesting interview questions possible for Mr. Charles.  Unfortunately, we left those questions in the bar at the airport, so we hastily assembled a bunch of unrelated questions just to make sure we had something to ask him when we saw him.  Here are his answers to that second batch of questions:

1.       How did your NCAA bracket work out?  Good.  Had UConn winning it all.

2.       Name 3 things you’ll do more of if there isn’t an NFL season.  Lift weights, run track, more community involvement.

3.       If there was a movie about your life, who would be the star?  Me.

4.       Better barbecue: Texas or Kansas City?  Texas.

5.       Who, in your opinion, is the most intimidating defensive player in the NFLNo one.

6.       What are you surprisingly bad at?  Singing.

7.       If there’s no NFL season, and you can let your self go a little, what will you eat a lot of?  Nuts.  All kinds of nuts.

8.       What’s on your DVR right now?  I don’t have one.

9.       What movie do you like that you don’t normally admit to people?  Avatar.

10.   If you were going to put up anyone else’s Fathead in your house, whose would it be?  Adrian Peterson’s.

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April 15, 2011

Nuts? He wants to eat nuts when he’s not worried about putting on a couple pounds. Even when Jamal Charles is lettin himself go, he’s still healthier than me. Can’t believe he picked Texas BBQ!

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