July 28, 2010

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What is a FATHEAD?

By: El Presidente

Well, I suppose the technical definition is a vinyl wall graphic.    Let’s face it, Fathead created the category – it seems like there are tons of places now offering “wall graphics”, but don’t be fooled.    Only a FATHEAD, is a FATHEAD!   We are the Brand of the Fan, and use an exclusive adhesive and manufacturing process which has been created over years of trial and error!   We look at every competitive product that comes out on the market – there are a lot of “wall graphics” that look good for the first 24 hours, but then the sides start to curl, the ink may fade, one would start to notice the imperfections of the actual image.    Fact is, Fathead is the standard in the business – while there are many competing products, there is only one Fathead.     Fathead has exclusive licenses with major sports leagues, and relationships with the official photographers of different leagues, to bring exclusive, high-quality sports and entertainment imagery to life like no one else can.   That’s the fact – if you want a “Fathead” – there is only one company to get it from.   That’s us.

Beyond the technical definition of what a Fathead is – we like to think of it as much more than a vinyl wall graphic.    We like to think of the positive impact it can have on people’s lives.   We do what we do to help change someone’s outlook on life.   When placed in a prominent place, someplace that a person sees it every day as they get ready in the morning, or before they leave their home – we like to think that it can create a spark of inspiration that would otherwise not exist.    Our high definition, life-like imagery really brings a person’s individual passion to life and we hope changes how they look at their day, or how they are inspired to be their best.   That’s why we do what we do.   Creating inspiration, one wall at a time!

Comments (3)


3 responses to "What is a FATHEAD?"

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aaabrezs said:
November 20, 2013

That’s ugly one direction is a better fat head

December 17, 2013

What is it I need 2 know

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