July 22, 2010

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Charles’ Media Daze

By: Charles

As usual, the SEC Media Days lives up to its hype. The three-ring circus in Hoover included elephants, trapeze artists,   and clowns, with Nick Saban calling out agents everywhere as “pimps”, and America was aghast to see Jerry MaGuire turned into Don “Magic” Juan.

It seems the entire SEC has agents of all kinds in their sights- Urban Meyer and Steve Spurrier also spoke out, but without Saban’s beautiful phrasing. If agents are indeed “preying” on college athletes, I undoubtedly agree that they should be severely punished, but not at the expense of any accountability on the player’s part. Coaches on both coasts are calling out for widespread legislative changes to “pass the buck” from players and teams, squarely on the agents themselves. The real problem lies (as usual) with Pete Carroll. Nationwide, people saw him skate out of USC right as allegations were bearing down on the Trojans’ program, and Carroll weaseled away unscathed. And then greasy poor Lane Kiffin blindly walked into a  completely deserved unfair situation of “rebuilding” instead of “reloading”.

If it happened to anyone other than the mercenary, coach-for-hire Lane Kiffin, I’d almost agree that the system needed to be fixed.

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Bentley said:
July 23, 2010

Don Juan is cool

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