May 22, 2009

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Fathead Custom – You’re going to love it!

By: Sonya

Did you ever wish that you could be a Fathead? Well, wish no more…

I am so excited to tell everyone I know about Fathead Custom! They come in two sizes, REAL.BIG. and BIG. All you have to do is shoot, upload, customize, order and enjoy!

This in my opinion is the coolest thing we have come out with so far! The only problem I have is, choosing the perfect photo or two or three. See for yourself what all the excitement is about.

16 responses to "Fathead Custom – You’re going to love it!"
June 4, 2009

I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

KShaw said:
June 6, 2009

this custom fathead idea is probably one of the best ideas ever. it seems like it would make a great gift for any athlete or couple, or whatever the case may be. i want to try this out, but before spending 139.99. i wanna know if when i upload a picture, only the person i want will be made into the fathead? or if the whole picture itself will be the fathead? if i know that the body of only the person i want will be what i get, and none of the people in the background are in it, then i will purchase it asap!

Sonya said:
June 8, 2009

Sure – you are able to select from the whole photo or just an image. Enjoy your custom Fathead!

Sonya said:
June 8, 2009

Sure – can you send me a like to your site?

Chad said:
July 10, 2009

Is there a step in place when ordering custom fatheads that will tell me if my image is too low resolution for a pleasing final piece, and if not am I stuck with it if it turns out bad?

Sonya said:
July 10, 2009

Great question! When you upload the photo, if the system views the image as low resolution, a window will pop up asking if you still want that particular image made into a Custom Fathead. If so, then check the box to approve the image. I hope that helps.

Please note: if you do decide to have the image printed – the sale is final.

jacob luce said:
July 12, 2009

can i get a custom fathead of a celeb or player that is not on your list? wasnt sure about copyrights and all that

Sonya said:
July 14, 2009

Hi Jacob – You are able to use photos that you own. For example: Say you have a great picture of you with your favorite athlete – that is acceptable. However, you may not use photos from magazines etc…

Chris Reinelt said:
July 18, 2009

Could i make a custom coast guard helicopter or are there restrictions from that? I would have to get it off the internet.

nate said:
August 3, 2009

Is there a way to preview your custom fathead before deciding to purchase it?

mjclarke said:
August 6, 2009

Our company had a custom fathead made of our logo to put in our conference room and it came out awesome. We get tons of compliments on it and for those who never heard (can you believe that?), we tell them all about fatheads. Hopefully we’ve sent some people your way and we are about to order our 2nd fathead!

Sonya said:
August 7, 2009

Unfortunately, No. If the image is pretty clear to start with and the resolution is high, it should turn out awesome!

Sonya said:
August 7, 2009

That is awesome, thanks for letting us know how much you love your Fathead! Another happy customer!

October 26, 2010

Is there any recommendations for file size/resolution as compared to the various sizes of fatheads that you offer?

B. Carter said:
November 9, 2010

Is the jungle picture copyrighted. I need it for a project? I’ll give credit to the website.

Sonya said:
November 12, 2010

You may use the picture, but we’d appreciate credit and a link.

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